Toned Stepson

I'm 31. Ive been in a long term relationship with an older woman. She had 2 kids before we met. An 8 year old boy we will call Adam and a 14 year old girl we'll call Meg.

I been an unofficial step dad to them for almost 10 years. I say unofficial because i haven't adopted them. Recently, the wife and i havent had much success being intimate. I have a difficult time maintaining a h******. Im catching myself looking at this now 24 year old girl, meg and 18 year old boy, adam in a sexual way. She's grown up quite well. Very attractive. And the boy, same.

His girlfriend and him were in the shower the other night, so i grabbed the ladder from the garage and propped it under the bathroom window. They both got out. His 19 yo girlfriend all wet, she begins to dry off. And he steps out. Hes hung like a g****** horse. Jesus. I just thought about falling to my knees and ramming it down my throat. Meanwhile there's a completely naked girl that I'm also spying on that isnt my stepson and I'm barely looking at her.

So lately i find myself checking out meg and adam. Meg has an enormous ass and shes comfortable around me she wears tight fitted shirts and short shorts. But I'm Fantasizing about adam especially. I just want to ask him to come into the basement and take his pants off. He's a very quiet guy. I just don't want to A...ruin the relationship we have and B....have my wife find out.

But seriously. Its like a primal urge. I want to suck him so badly. I want feel his cu* drip down my throat. No s** or anything. I don't even want anything from him. I just wanna do it. Its clean. Its shaved. Its huge. Hes dark skinned, latino.

Meg to, to a degree but i don't think she would keep a secret. If rejected, shed immediately tell her mother.

I know this isnt exactly a healthy thought. But it seriously is a very strong urge to grab him while hes alone. Ive never felt this way for another male before.

Oct 21, 2020

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