Can't stop thinking about my mother in law

My mother in law Camille is around fifty but she is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. My wife, her daughter is also stunning. However her mother gets me going like no women I've ever been around. My wife and I have amazing s** very satisfying but there's some things I wish she'd do. I've always been very open to communication about our s** life. I can make her c** in 2 minutes flat in several different ways but some nights I have to think about her mom to get off. Sometimes her sister too. They both have incredible b******. Her mothers are natural though which are all that much more impressive. Where that gene got lost I have no idea but its a wonder to me. How shallow is that? I'd f*** my wife from behind for 25 minute just to nut after she's c** already. Every time I see Camille I just want to tell her how much I've always wanted to be with her. She's got such a nice ass and the most beautiful t***. I'm pretty sure she's caught me staring dozens of times and I remember once we got really drunk together and she let me grab her ass numerous times and rub on her p**** after we danced, hugged and kissed as well as her grabbing my ass. But nothing came of it. I feel bad that I took advantage while she was drunk but so was I so my judgement wasn't in the right place. Makes me wonder if she remembers.... I'm worried I may have scared her off by being so upfront but I just can't help but feel like she's attracted to me too because she's always complimenting my appearance and how good of a husband I am also that I've seen her stare a my bulge through PJ's, could just be that she's just nice like that. She's single on and off and I feel like I could give her what she needs but I'm sure she needs more than just a boy toy. My wife has no idea I'm so attracted to her but I always m********* thinking about her mom and how good she could f*** me. I bet she knows exactly how to please a man and could make me bust so hard. I wish she'd just ride my c*** while I watch her big t*** bounce in my face. I'd also love to eat and f*** her ass until she came all over me. Eat her p**** till she c*** on my face. Lick and swallow all her delicious p**** juices and f*** her wet p**** and just hope she c*** on my c*** a dozen times. I hope she reads this and feels the same way. I feel bad to be so vulgar but I can only imagine how turned off she might be if she read this, and how good the s** would be with her. Not just s** though I bet we would live a wonderful life together and s** wouldn't be the best of it. I wish my wife and I could live with her and just all of f*** and do everything together. She's one of the most caring, thoughtful, and understanding women I've ever met. Sometimes I feel like she understands me better than my wife does and I like to think I reciprocate that but who knows. I'm very happy with my wife and she truly is an amazing person who I couldn't thank more for doing everything she does but there could be more we could do. I know I'm a piece of s*** for feeling and thinking this way but f*** me I guess. Anyway I think I've made this long enough. Off to repress my thoughts and desires.

Oct 21, 2020

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