Should I wear a dress?

I’m currently 15, and things are super confusing. From a young age, I knew I wasn’t a traditional boy. I’d get hot and uncomfortable whenever there were shirtless guys on tv, I hated “male” toys and always elected to play with dolls or dress up with my sister, and I always wished I could wear a dress to school. The problem is, my parents are totally against the LGBT+ community and would never accept me they way I really am. I just entered high school, and being exposed to more ideas and different people is only proving to me further that I’m meant to be a girl. Additionally, I’m a very feminine looking boy, and I’m confident I could pass as a woman with the right outfit. We have a homecoming dance in a few weeks, and I really want to wear a dress and talk to cute boys like I think about all the time. What should I do?

Oct 22

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  • Wear a school skirt and white panties and let him suck you of

  • When I was 9 an older 15 year old boy got me to let him f*** me. That's when I started wearing girl's stuff. Do you think it's caused by him f****** me so much ir was I like that already. He says that I'm real pretty for a boy and that's why he wanted to have s** with me?

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  • At 15 you are still a little young to start making a full transition but as you come closer to an adult, if you continue to feel that way its going to be OK to start changing if that is what you want. In the mean time perhaps you should start interacting more directly with young men your age

  • If your parents aren't known to be understanding or at least supportive, then I suggest you hold off until you can financially support yourself. Depending on the type of people they are they may decide to disown, you know your parents better than anyone else here so you gotta make the call. I hope you can find a solution that allows you to express yourself.

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  • IWear girls clothes ilove skirts panties girls school skirts

  • Wear a cute skirt cute panties

  • Go for it. Wear a dress, panties, pantyhose and high heels (boots and shoes)

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