I wear girls clothes at home i suck d*** i really want change be a girl live kissing and being a homosexual. And want go out dress as a girl one day i want a girl dress me up take me out in public

Jan 19, 2021

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  • I Wear girls clothes every day & im a straight guy I Love Sucking C*** & Swalling A Big Load Of Sweet Hot C**.

  • Id go out with you id dressas a girl as a girl go with you if you wear short skirt white panties

  • Thats fantastic id love to see your panties

  • I want anather boy to put his hand in my panties play with me give me oral any boyswbo want to please messageme

  • I love going out dressed up ud ve surprised how often u get followed especially to dressing room

  • It's kinda funny ,the word closeted. My best friend's older brother would sneak me into the closet in his room to my b*tt while my friend was asleep.

  • Kissing is so sensual between to guys

  • Me and a friend were two boy's in middle school that loved kissing each other. It started in 5th grade at sleepovers, two boy's
    In novelty underpants excited by each other's beauty. In sixth grade, white cotton underpants and oral. After the both of us experienced a*** at a high school party when we were in 7th grade we kissed all the more and the party experience feminized us a bit and boy's bikini underpants and girl's panties became our dress of the day and night in 8th grade. We're in high school now and love kissing each other all the more.

  • I want to see your panties please

  • Thats really nice

  • I want another boy to put his hand in my panties oh my god I love it

  • Wow I love a boy to put his hand in my panties

  • Am a crossdresser and going out in my sexy clothes make up is such a turn on .i have gotten hit on.and a few time made out with a few guys,even gave a few head in there cars.they never knew i was a guy,they did love my c*** sucking.go for it sweety.

  • Thats really nice id love that

  • I'd love anather boy to put his hand in my panties suck me of I'n a car

  • Who doesn't?

  • Do it who cares live your life as long as you're not hurting anyone!

  • Don't give up. You may be curious, you don't have to give in to those urges.

  • People like you worry normal human beings. You are disgusting.

  • Me and my bestfriend dress up and go out with other boys who mostly know that we're actually boys. We've been doing this since we were 10.

  • I'd love to go out in a short skirt and panties girls school uniform

  • That's cool I'm a boy I wear girls skirts panties

  • I'm a boy I wear skirts and panties ilove you to suck me of

  • Okay, what kind of panties do you like to wear?

  • My first experience with a male i was 14 (50 now)hand jobs than sucking c***.now my feminine side.

  • Will you suck me of put your hands in my panties

  • You can sucke me of put your hand in my panties

  • Me too. I'm gonna be 15 soon and whenever I wear girl's panties boy's f:ck me. If I got boy's underpants on I mostly s:ck and only a lot of older guy's like to f:ck me in boys underpants???

  • I'm a boy I wear girls panties everyday I love you to put your hand in my panties. Suck me of

  • I'm a boy I wear panties I want to be sucked. Of by a boy played eith

  • Id Love 2 Suck your ROCK HARD C*** & SWALLOW YOUR BIG HOT LOAD

  • That would be fun!

  • Same

  • You can suck me of

  • Cool

  • We're both 15 now and love how we are. That's so cool that you're 50 and love it still!🥰🥰🥰

  • I'm a boy I want aboy to suck me you can do me

  • I would for sure!

  • Please suck me of where you from

  • Please where do you live we canmeet you can d*** me of

  • You can d*** me of

  • I would top lo

  • Cool, I like to be on the bottom a lot. I would s#ck first and then you can f#ck me if you want to.

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