My lifelong dream

I'm a 27 year old guy from Oklahoma. But I wish more than anything that men would track me down, kidnap me, rape me and force me to transition and become a sissy prostitute. My name is Devin.

Oct 23, 2020

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  • I too have a similar fantasy

  • I was kidnapped and what started out as rape began to feel so good that I was begging the men to get more men to f*** me.There was only three men but they all lasted quite a while and made me c** several times .Now I crave the feeling of helplessness from being tied up and the waves of pleasure I felt when being raped for a long time.When I came it was so intense that I blacked out.Now I need to feel what I felt that day but I am unable to do it no matter how many men rape me no matter how long they do it

  • There are several forums and dating sites that will help you meet dominant men . You are going to meet a lot of men that are going to lie to you and make you think that they are going to make your fantasy reality but they will just abuse and rape you but if you stick with it you will find what you are looking for. You need to learn how to do your hair and makeup and replace your male clothes with womens .The more feminine and passable you are the easier it will be to meet the type of men you want to be with

  • Email me

  • I am going to have my sissy slave send you an email . She will give you her phone number and email address along with a time and location .You have to be at the location at the required time totally feminized and you will be put in a van (kidnapped ) and taken to where you will be living during your training . In six months you will live full time as a sexy looking feminised sissy that will be willing to do what ever you have to just to get to suck a mans hard c***. Hypnosis therapy will reprogram your body and mind and you will dress and act totally feminine and you will attract men that are going to f*** your sissy ass good and hard and you are going to show any and all men how much you love being their sissy f*** toy. You are about to get everything you have coming to you for not wanting to grow up big and strong making women want to have s** with you . Since you can not attract a woman to f*** and train to be your submissive slutty wife then you are going to be feminized and be unable to resist the urge to feminize yourself completely so you can be trained to take care of every one of his sexual needs and desires letting him and any of his friends use you to satisfy their dirty nasty sexual needs .

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