Met the woman I lost my virginity to after 35 years

Went to my parents this weekend to help out around the house. I saw that their neighbor was selling her house.

My parents wished her a happy birthday. She said that she was 75 today and that she was so glad to see me. She said, “ I’ll never forget my 40th birthday. Do you remember that? You gave me a wonderful gift.” Then she winked at me.

We continue to talk and then she asked me to come to her house if I had time as she needed her AC filter changed.

I waked over. She then said, “I’m sorry I embarrassed you. Do you remember that gift? “. I said no. She looked sad. “That was when you told me that you had been watching me get ready in the morning before you went to school and you said I was beautiful and that I hade you hard. I then said I had seen you naked as well and that you looked nice. Then I became your first!”

I replied “yes! I can never forget that. You were so patient with me. You taught me so much. I was only a Sophomore in HS and 15 years old. We then had many s** sessions until I went off to University. Don’t tell my wife but my fondest sexual memories were with you. “

She smiled, she said, “ I have to adit I was very excited to be your first but you were terrible. But with a little work you became an incredible lover. I have a favor to as of you. My fondest sexual experiences were with you as well. Seeing you today made me realize that it was such an honor to be your first f***. Would you please f*** me today on my 75th birthday the 35th anniversary of our first encounter and the loss of your virginity? I was your first, but I want you to be my last!”

We then waked to her bedroom. The exact room were I lost my virginity. She gave me a kiss and dropped her dress to the ground. I lied her down on the bed. I spread her legs and started eating her p****. She was about to o***** then I slipped my c*** inside her and we made love missionary style. I didn’t last long. All I could think about was that first time. We actually climaxed together.

It was amazing.

Oct 24, 2020

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  • Lost my virginity when I was 11 to my grandmothers best friend. She was 50 at the time. Has s** with her off and on till she died at age 85.

  • Paki

  • Keep the relationship alive as long as you can. S** with an older woman is simply amazing!!

  • I know. I can’t believe it. I actually prefer my first f*** (the 75 year old woman) to my new wife who is 36. I’m 50.

  • Then you woke up

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