Sometimes still can't stop whacking

I'm in my mid 50's now and sometimes I still just cant stop jerking off. I have always been handsy. Sometimes 2-4 times a day in my younger years. Now its more like a few times a week, but some stretches like this week have been a couple of times a day. What can I say I love my c***. I would say its nice, pretty thick and 6.5 inches, cut and shapely head.
Also love it so much i have tried it of late on other c****. Even more exciting, LOL, I don't consider myself bi, just after years of playing with mine I guess it was interesting and fun to play with someone else's. Just love playing with my precum, rubbing it on the head of my c*** or even licking it off my fingers. Anyway, I guess I just like to play with d***. That's all.

Oct 25, 2020

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  • PS - by far the best by I ever received was by a guy in his 40s when I was 24. I went to a p*** shop and he sucked me off in one of the booths while his friend watched. It was the hottest s** i ever had. I chickened out and never went back

  • I'm over 50 now and I'm hornier than ever. I still wack-off at least once a day to p***: gay and s****** are my favorites. I want to play with c*** again but I just can't get the nerve to do it. Keep going man.

  • You should try wearing a male chastity device to curb you masturbation frequency.

  • Suck my d***

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