Avoid Black People

Of all the racism I'm seen and experienced in 50 years I have never seen anything as racist as black americans today. They have been given permission by the media/leaders to harass, beat, rob, **, and kill white people and instead of seeing it as evil they are taking it up and doing it. They are impossible to deal with and I avoid them like the plague. Just wait, white person. You will think this too after a few decades of being told you are evil for the color of your skin.

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Wife allowed to be ** by Boss to save her job

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  • The best thing white people can do is to avoid blacks,period.Because of the way the media has deliberately incited black violence against whites and because the judicial system has been turned against whites,it makes sense for whites to avoid any and all conflicts in which they might have to defend themselves from blacks,especially with lethal force.We see by the news that whites cannot defend themselves or their communities from black criminality without becoming “murderers”,regardless of the circumstances.It’s a real challenge in an integrated society,but we must avoid blacks to the extent we are able to.We are not obliged to love,mix with or accept a race of people who are clearly so alien and potentially dangerous to us.

  • Avoiding blacks in general is always a good idea. It ** having to deal with them.

  • You a racist, you ** b******.

  • Shut yo hole **

  • No, YOU'RE a racist c*nt. You demonstrated it by using the 1970's word '**'.

  • This is true, it’s a dangerous time to be a white male
    Any actions commit we are targeted held accountable and crucified
    Yet Crimes and violence perpetrated by blacks go unnoticed unreported and by the media. The innocent lil 5yr boy shot in the head playing outside by his black neighbor was old news within 2days, yet they’re still protesting burning cities for months over threatening black male killed by police

  • It’s not dangerous if you’re willing to kill a few

  • Hum obviously you didn’t take any history class in school.

  • White ppl are not evil. Unlike that other race, we know how to live in a productive society. WE aren't savages. WE don't have an under developed pre-frontal cortex or dangerously high amounts of testosterone (that includes their women), WE don't have an average IQ of 85 and WE don't have the largest proportion of our ppl in prisons. Even their women are considered-rightfully so- the most violent women on the planet. I used to feel terrible if I had a racist thought and would work hard to purge myself of such thinking; not after these last two years. I absolutely believe the world would be better off without them. They bring nothing but chaos and destruction, except for the very few like Candace Owens and Neil D. Tyson.

  • ** them and their diversity **, be proud of your heritage man

  • I agree and do the same

  • Already do. It's sad because I'm still not racist, but if I'm going to be accused of it based on the color of my skin, well then, game ON.............

  • Same

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