Follow up on I'm in love with my best friend

Update on my last confession: I met up with my friend last weekend. Every time I see him I just want to kiss him more and more. I never get bored when he's talking and I could stare at him all day long. Things have been getting more physical but I still haven't told him how I feel. We were cuddling on my bed and I felt his b**** through his pants and started blushing. He said he got turned on from feeling me close to him. I'm not sure if it means that he likes me back but I get flustered thinking about how he got excited just from me. He kissed me on the cheek a few times and my brother even asked if we were dating. He just laughed and said "no we're totally straight". I'm really confused, because I want to be with him but we haven't talked about it even though we've both had boners while cuddling and he flirts with me all the time. He keeps calling me cute which makes me feel warm and bubbly but I want to know if we can be more than friends or if he's just messing with me. Oh, and really quick, thank you to anyone who read my last post and left nice comments, I read all of them and I'm happy that you're rooting for me :)


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  • My goodness. When you were cuddling he was as shy about this as you. Sounds like he is wants intimacy with you as you do him. If you cuddle again be sure to place your body close , rest your hand on his lap. When you feel him growing again, start lightly and gently rubbing. He will let you know if he likes it and wants more. put you face close to his or his stiffing c*** and breath. He will let you know if he wants more.

    its been almost 3 weeks since your last post. let us know how it is or isn't going

  • Dude I don’t think he is gay sorry move on Bro plenty more c*** in the cockyard

  • Actions speaks loud. your friend loves you. your friend doesn't have to write it in bold letters. learn to be patient. accept people as they are. we are not all vocal. keep it private. Do and show your friend what your friend likes. there is a right time for everything.

  • I miss the days when all faggots kept their perverted ways to themselves.
    God intended Adam and Eve NOT
    Adam and Steve.
    The world has changed for the worst.

  • Your funny. Its obvious you are interested in the gay or Bi lifestyle or you would not be reading this. Kick back and enjoy. it does not mean you have to participate but personally I think you are very curious about it. Maybe with the right person you might want to try it.

    And another thing.. How do you know what God intended man to be? According to the story, there were people here already, Adam and Eve were made in Gods image. Dose that mean the first modern man? Remember it is simply a story trying to explain how we came to be. We can only guess, nobody knows the facts.

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