I said I would

I have read so many stories on here about women who had someone do something to them uninvited and I read the comments about how the stories are fake or whatever and I said I would make a post about it.
I just wanted to say that not all of them are fake and this crap actually happens, I don't know if I am just a really good listener or if people naturally open up to me but I have heard so many stories, Usually after too many drinks, About innapproprite things happening to women and they either ignore it, Pretend it didn't happen or somehow think it is just the way things are. The vast majority never being reported and I just wanted to make a quick note about the crap I have heard.
Story one: A friend told me she had fallen asleep at a friends house in her mid teen years and her friends step dad sat at her feet, Massaged them and she was totally creeped out but didn't move and he...Whacked off on her feet then wiped them off with his shirt. GAG!!!!
Story two: Another friend told me her uncle made her take off her top and j*** him off onto her chest when she was 13 and then told her if she told anyone she would go to h***. WTF!!!!
Story 4: My cousin told me when she was about 14 one of her older brothers friends got her drunk and then helped her to her room, Flopped her face down on the bed, Pulled down her underwear and licked then proceeded to stick his p**** up her bum until he came and she pretended to be passed out until he put it in then cried the whole time and he just pulled out and left. PUKE!!!!!
story five: A friend told me one time she woke up after passing out at a cabin with two of her male cousins and two of their friends and her vag was sore, Her bum was sore, She had dried sperm all over her hair, Face body and everywhere from obviously way more than one guy and she was left on the living room couch completely nude, She thinks maybe she was drugged. OMG!!!!
Story six: The final and far from least gross story, A friend told me she used to get drunk and stoned in her teen years and pass out, She cried as she told me she had no idea how many guys she had been with because she more often than not woke up naked in a bed or on a floor or a couch and had very obviously had s** with someone and she knew for sure that many times it was multiples, She'd had three miscarriages and bawled as she told me that, She told me that basically everyone knew that if she was at a party they could do whatever with her after she passed out and she wouldn't tell anyone. GEEEEEZ!!!!!
I have my own story which I will not share but this s*** has to stop.

Oct 29, 2020

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  • Moral of the story is, don't go to a party if you don't trust the people around you, or if you feel vulnerable or if you think they are trying to get you drunk., im not blaming any of the victims but you have to look after yourself next time you go out or just stay home and be safe.

  • Also happens to guys but we don’t talk about it. Partly from shame and partly because we see these molesting tendencies in ourselves. We men are s** driven and easily gets out of control. Not an excuse, just an explanation.

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