Our moment.

We went to this outdoor music festival, 6 of us, My buddies GF wanted to go to the one concert but he was too drunk and passed out in his lawn chair and she was scared to go alone so I went with her, we were drinking and dancing and she was just wearing a tank top and these spandex shorts.
We start walking back and it's like 5 pm, She's s*** housed and starts looking for a bathroom, We find one with a 25 person line up and she says "Nope, Can't wait that long", She is super hot, Like the stereo typical small, blonde, Blue eyed gorgeous girl and she says "I can't wait, I am going to pee my pants, For real, I need a bathroom", I look and see another one but it is half a mile away and she says "I can't for real, I am gonna pee my pants" and she is panicing, I said "So squat", She looks at me and says "WTF", Yeah ok she is super prissy and apparently had never done it which doesn't surpise me so I said "Here, Go between these cars and pee".
L**** She says "Like what just squat?", I said "Have you never peed outside", She says "Do I look like I pee outside a lot" and I just laughed, I told her "Go between the cars, there are trees on that side, I'll stand here and if anyone comes they won't be able to see you". I turn my back and she is behind me, I hear her grunting and rustling around then I hear "f***" I peek and she is on her ass in the grass, She gets up and I say "Lean against something", She says "F*** it...I can't do this, I turn arond and she pulls up her shorts, She says I am just gonna pee my pants" I tell her "Ok, Squat and lean back against the car tire", She starts to cry a little and says "I can't, I f***** tried".
So Here I am with my dilema, Do I let her pee her pants or help her, I am not into watching girls pee, For real, It is not my thing, I know some guys are into it but not me. So I say "Do you want me to help you?", She looks at me all pouty lipped and nods her head, I go with her to the front of the cars and say "Ok, Pull your shorts down" and I look away, She does and I say "Ok, Now squat and lean back", She grabs my wrists and I help lower her down and then I look down because she is leaning forward coverine herself and I say "Spread your feet or you're gonn pee on them" and she grits her teeth and says "This is why I f****** can't, My shorts are too tight".
I look around and say "Stand up for f*** sakes" and pull her up, I say "No one is around, Take them off", She looks at me and then does and puts them on the hood of the car, Squats back down and I say "Feet apart", she spreads them and I can tell I am like inches from seeing her vag, If I lean back I can take a peek but I don't. She is sitting there and I say "Ok, Now pee" and she looks at me sternly, I wait and wait and she starts to just sob, She says "why can't I just pee, I have to pee, I can feel that I have to pee", I am standing looking over the parking lot full of cars and there is no one around so I squat in front f her, She looks at me with one eye brow up and says "Uh...Hi", i say "So...Concert was good hey", I maintain eye contact with her and she nods her head and says "What are you doing?", I say "Just taking your mind off the fact you have to pee so you can just...Pee".
So I talk to her for 15-20 seconds and she tilts her head back and goes "Aaaahhh, Ahhhh" and starts to pee, We both look down and...Well...I'm kinda into watching girls pee, We both look down and she is bald and pink and her lips are spread because her feet are so far apart, We are both...Staring, At her p**** while she pees, She flexes her groin and stops for a second then starts again and goes "Aaaahhhh", I don't know how long she peed, It seemed like 20 minutes but in reality was probably more like...A minute which is still pretty long but she is like whispering "Ohhh god that feels so good, I have never had such a good pee".
She finishes up and she takes a deep breath and then says "Uhhh, I need to wipe", I am like "Hmmm, Ok", I check the car she is leaning on, Locked, I try the other car and it's open, I rummage around and come out with a t-shirt, She stands and spreads her feet and I watch as she wipes and then looks at me, She stands there with her legs spread and I am looking right at her vag, she says "Don't", I say "You have a beautiful p****", she says "Don't", I drop my pants and she looks down, She takes a deep breath and lets it out then says "I can't, I'm sorry but I can't", She grabs her shorts walks right up and presses against me, My c*** is hard and against her stomach, she lifts her shirt and puts it over my c*** so It is pressing against her skin and looks up at me, She says "Trust me, I want to...Like want to but I am drunk and I'm with Jay", She is short so I can feel my tip touching her bra and she she presses my c*** against her stomach through her shirt and says "I can't thank you enough but if you can finish like this" and nods at me, I grab her beautiful little ass and hold it whlie leaning back on the car so I can squat down a little and she jerks me through her shirt, I slide a hand between her legs and she spreads them a little so I can finger her, She puts her head on my chest and moans while I finger her and she jerks me then I say "I'm gonna come", she says 'Ooohhh me too" and we came together, So weird and I had to hold her up by her bum as her legs went jelloie.
She kept stroking me and every time I would come she would moan, She used her shirt to rub it all over her skin and we got dressed, She sat back on the car and lifted one leg, I grabbed it and held it looking at her p****, So nice, so pink and I said "Let me lick you", She shook her head no and wriggled away getting her shorts on, We walked back holding hands and stopped a couple sites away from ours. She looked at me and said "I think we should never tell anyone about this, For real, Like lets just keep it our secret forever", I nodded and we pinkie swore, Yeah that's right, Pinkie swore and went to the camper.
When we got there my buddy Jay was awake and he was like "DUUUUDE where the f*** were you?", I said "Concerts" and he said "Awesome" His Gf said she was going to shower and crash for a bit and after she went inside Jay said "Did she say she was gonna shower and crash?", I said "Yeah" and he said "Haha, I'm gonna go f*** her in the shower" and went inside, So I got to sit there and everyone laughed and joked as the camper shook while he f***** her in the shower then came back and told us about it.
Now I am infatuated with her and can't have her.

Nov 5, 2020

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