Sharing my wife

I love sharing my wife with other men.. In the beginning my wife was against it but soon she found that f****** different men with me was fun and exciting.. I slowly became a bisexual and i have been sharing my wife for years..

I love seeing my wife spread wide open and guiding a mans c*** deep into her wet p****.. I love watching her kiss her lover with passion as the guy darts his tongue deep in her mouth..

Often if the guy is to my liking I will eat the guys ass as he f**** my wife, I enjoy eating the guys c** from my wife and f****** her after the guy has c** inside of her...

We have gone away with a guy or two and have had week long orgies with my wife.. We both love s** with other men and I love my wife for being who she is..

Oct 29, 2020

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  • You are a lucky man indeed

  • If anyone ever said about sharing my wife id look at them like they sick . then something happened to me . my wife is 52 and she had friend tio and kitty who 20 odd years our younger . now tio very handsome and friendly but i use to notice all my wife would keep staring at him.and then him at her . i got bit jealous but also got aroused . some nights id be thinking of her having s** with him..never had thoughts like that b4 . one night drunk i said u ever think of other guys . she giggled like who . and i said a name no way . another hes ok but never thought then i said close ur eyes and think of someone as i touch u . i could see her getting turned on and i said i know who ur thinking of . who . i said im thinking of him too. who . if i say his name u going to be honest . yeah . i fingered her and said hes doing that to u . its tio . as i said it i could ser her liking it . and she moaned . yeah im thinking ur him.. i replied i am . oh tio . hearing her call him.turned me on . i went down on her licking her p**** and she pulled me in calling tio not to stop . .never so turned on like this . she guided my c*** inside her and asked what she thinking . tios c*** inside me .yeah . he f****** u . no making love to me . omg driving me wild i asked wheresur husband . .watching us . well i exploded . . one of best s** nights we ever had . but its our fantasy

  • I think sharing ur wife is one biggest turn ons . i lie picking the guy . and them chating . i let them go on dates and watch them love 1st kiss . ilikbto watch them touching and her telling me yeah i like him and then it happening . love the thougjts of them on night awsy and me not knowing what they doing . . then her telling me what they did . but watching them as they do it magic . and then me joing in . ifbi like the guy i tell her to take off the condom n let him c**.inside her . and i liked it so much id lick his c** from her p**** .

  • That is so hot

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