Straight guys answer a question for me please...

Okay, so there’s this dude that as far as I know is straight. I’m trans female to male. I’ve been on testosterone for a bit over 2 years, and I’m pre op. I guess if I’m being blunt- would you do a guy like me?

Nov 1, 2020

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  • Yeah. Pretty much anyone will. But its better to be careful in who your with because it's harder to say who is truly safe considering covid.

  • Absolutely! Yes!

  • Go to clubsissy to chat more

  • Yes I would! Most trans gurls are better women than GG girls

  • Absolutely yes yes yes

  • Yes absolutely. I'm bi,love to suck c*** and p****.mmmm. I would love to eat your p**** real good and would love to f*** you and play with your big manly chest and arms while kissing and exploring your mouth with my so hot. Oh and I love to crossdress fully. Make up, lingerie, wig and slutty outfit..

  • Yuck. No thanks.

  • Absolutely, had an ex that was a transman. We started out as great friends, had one of those nights where things got freaky and I found out he had "doable" lady parts and we ended up dating for over a year. Literally best friends that also had a compatible s** life. He cheated, otherwise we'd still be dating.

  • Totally depends on the partner. Their interest should be natural. For me; if u have lady parts but looks a guy, yup I'm game.

  • The question isn’t another guy would do you, the question is whether that guy you’re interested would. There’s no single answer.

  • Do you have female parts? you look femmie. long as you can take a very thick c*** with a big head about 10 inch.i do one now .

  • OP here: nah I don’t look femme. I’m small but I got a lotta muscle and a lotta hair- i 100% pass as male. Haven’t been misgendered in years. But I can definitely take a big c***

  • Misgendered lol.

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