Tired of living

I am so f****** tired, physically and mentally. I don’t have any talents and I im at the point where I don’t think I’ll be able to graduate high school. The only reason I haven’t killed myself is because of my friends and parents. I have insomnia, depression, anxiety and adhd. My mental illnesses have made it so f****** hard to live, to the point where I don’t have any hobbies, life skills or motivation. I have gone from medication to medication trying to at least find a way to get some sleep, but none of them have worked. My vision, hearing and my health are all rapidly declining and I don’t see a point to continuing to try to fix it. I don’t even like any of my friends anymore, and Nothing makes me happy.



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  • Guys I’m better and fully out of my depressive state... it felt very very real to me at the time, but I was on the wrong medications and was overworking myself. I go through big waves of depression and it’s my biology not something I choose to do. I do want to let go of this phase for a while so please!!!!! Stop commenting on this, whether it’s hate or trying to help. Thank you

  • As I've said all along, you're a pathetic attention seeking k*** head.
    Go bother somebody else.

  • I feel just like you and I really encourage you to seak professional help. It seems like it doesn’t help, but it actually does a lot.. rooting for you <3

  • You can't simply wait for things to improve on their own. You must begin doing things yourself to make them better. Being proactive will generate benefits of its own. Even doing small things of short duration will help generate momentum.

  • Tired of this confession

  • Here here.

  • Tired of yo mama.

  • Srsly. Every bubble-wrapped precious little 18-year-old ever thinks they've got it harder than everyone else, and none of them have had any true life experience yet. There are plenty of us who had rough early lives and it did NOT get better, but do we cry for attention for it? No, because our brains are fully developed (unlike a teenager's-- look it up) and have long realized we're not the center of the universe. Sick of hearing these little fools (who think they know everything) whimper like puppies just because reality's starting to hit.

  • Thank you mate !!!
    I was starting to think after reading all the bullshit comments from all the other pathetic snowflakes that I was the only person that has the same attitude as.yourself !
    Again, thank you .
    You and I are normal.bloke's !.

  • Oh, there's a lot more than just us out there. We're just not constantly shooting off our mouths the way the snowflakes do. As always, people think ^ noise = ^ people. Nope, just SOME people squealing like little piggies all the time!

  • Life gets so much better after high school.

  • In some ways, yes (after a while you can buy your own alcohol!). In other ways, NO. You'll see.

    And CERTAINLY not in the social sense. All those cliques and all that jockeying for status? All that drama and gossip and general stupidity? None of THAT "gets better", it just gets more subtle. Don't be fooled by clueless so-called grownups trying to blow sunshine up your a$$.

    Anyone who bleats "#ItGetsBetter" at high schoolers ought to be slapped for lying to them. Or for being stupid.

  • Please hold on, don't give up ! I know it's easy to say from my point of view but you WILL find a way to get better. The good thing about being at the bottom is that you can only go up. You WILL get better!

  • Gay

  • As a person with ADHD, I understand what you are going through. It is not an easy disorder to live with. I'm with you, brother! You don't have to feel alone because other people also feel that way.

  • Sucks on my titt1ies BRO

  • Blow me b****

  • Still thinking of you . . . . . . and praying for you. Be strong, my friend. Look up.

  • For whatever it's worth to you, I continue to send good thoughts and positive vibes your way, and I continue to pray for you.
    --- Your friend and supporter ---

  • I had this same feelings when in High school. I got out join the Navy and life was good then better.

  • Super excellent advice!

  • Well, that's sad for you

  • I hope and pray you get better every day.
    And sleep more every night.


  • Yo, Wayne County, what up, b******!!!

  • Hands "UP", maybe?

  • CHOO CHOO - Matthew Lee Prior

  • From the "T******" guy? Well done,coolio!

  • Hang in there, wait for your second wind which always comes around sooner or later. Things will get better.

  • I tried to end my life once, but decided against it, I choose to live on with life rather than give up.

  • I feel the same way, and I'm 59. Hope you find some help.

  • I hope that you can get the support you need also!

  • I'm so incredibly sorry that you're having such a trying time just getting through the days --- and more so, the nights. There are several dozen things that come to mind, but my guess is that you've already heard them, whether from medical professionals or parents or friends, or have thought of them yourself. So, I will just focus on three, and all in summary form. First, there must be something, or some few things, that bring you even a small amount of pleasure. Focus on that or those and find a way to inject yourself into it or them, whether creative or productive or scientific or otherwise. Your school or local community probably has a club or program that emphasizes that thing or those things. Throw yourself into it and learn everything you can. Make yourself an expert. It may not become your future, but it certainly could. At a minimum, it will place you in the midst of other humans who are drawn to what you are drawn to, and there's benefit in that for you. Second, find a volunteer project to join. A hospital, an elementary school, a library, a food bank, a clothing project for the homeless, something that speaks to YOU, and work at it harder than anybothher volunteer. Being of service to people in need will give you a sense of purpose and a focus. Third, plug yourself into a youth group at a local church. They will love to have you and will show it. Don't make yourself or your troubles the central focus in any of these settings: just be a participant and a listener. Be someone that others seek out by being a listener. Always listen more than you talk.

    I know that what you're going through is hard, bordering on impossible, but I am confident you can get beyond it, and I will pray for you. For what it's worth, I already have. Be well, my young friend.

  • Thank you so much, I recently have received a great amount of help from therapists and a psychiatrist who gave me skills and medication needed in this time. I will continue trying and hopefully one day I will find my path and what makes me happy. Hope your having a great week.

  • What you've already done is working, and I am thoroughly pleased to know it. I can feel the slight change in elevation in your words and it encourages me for you. Keep up the good work, and do keep your head raised. You are a very, very good person and you will surely find your path and your place. I have prayed for God's strength and guidance and peace and wisdom in your journey, and will continue to pray for all that, but the first thing I prayed for --- for tonight and the nights to come --- was His rest for you. Sleep will surely do you more good than any other treatment or program right now. Sleep well and deeply, and continue that until a pattern forms. More prayers to follow.

  • My prayer for you tonight is that this will be the second of many consecutive nights of peaceful, restful sleep, and that tomorrow (Friday) will take you closer --- even if only slightly --- to your goal. It's fair, and expected by God, for you to pray for yourself, too, so please do. You remain, not only in my prayers, but in my thoughts as well. Rest well.

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  • Lmao

  • Stop posting this s*** fs

  • Agreed . Another attention seeking c*** feeling sorry for himself.
    Total load of self pitying crap.

  • No, we have to acknowledge that some people's lives really are in the s******, and this lad may well be one of them. Golden Rule.

  • Another pathetic wimp with no back bone.
    It's up to each and every one of us to make a life for ourselves -The world owes us nothing.
    I was born in to a poor family on a run down council estate and left school at sixteen with nothing.
    Fourty years later I own my own property and a nice car, all due to my own hard and work and determination.
    I'm about to retire at 50 yrs old.
    Those that whinge need to get off their backsides and make an effort, if they don't they only have themselves to blame.

  • That's just the typical "F#@k you Jack I'm alright!" attitude that makes the world so hard to live in!
    We have no idea about this guys circumstances or what his history is??
    I like you was born into a poor family in the 1960's, and left school with virtually zero grades but for us there were far more choices than there is for today's youngsters and never was it more important to be academically qualified than it is today, I wouldn't swap my childhood years for this current generation, I hope he gets the help he so obviously needs

  • To be truthful, " F*** you Jack" as you put it,
    I'm not alright actually, I'm quite ill but I just get on with it.
    If the situation is not life threatening and you can do something about what's the point in worrying ?

  • Nonsense.A piece of papers
    ( a degree for example) is nothing compared to experience on the.job.
    I started in a retail store as a warehouse boy and made the tea.
    After years of hard graft I became an assistant manager and finally a manager.
    Numerous times.while I was an assistant manager I worked with managers that qualifications on paper but no experience.
    Many times when something happened that wasn't in the text book they had learned from didn't have a clue what to and asked me for advice.
    I generally replied
    " You're the manager mate you're the one with the qualifications, it's your problem.

  • Mostly agree with you, but not entirely. In some ways, yes-- it's harder for young people to get started than it used to be. It is also much *easier* in other ways, one of which is that this generation has FAR better access to outside help than we ever did. They mostly use that access to complain and gather attention but refuse to actually do the work needed, because endless floundering around gets you more attention. You have no idea about other people's circumstances or what their history is (no obnoxious double question marks needed)-- heed your own "advice".

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