Tired of living

I am so ** tired, physically and mentally. I don’t have any talents and I im at the point where I don’t think I’ll be able to graduate high school. The only reason I haven’t killed myself is because of my friends and parents. I have insomnia, depression, anxiety and adhd. My mental illnesses have made it so ** hard to live, to the point where I don’t have any hobbies, life skills or motivation. I have gone from medication to medication trying to at least find a way to get some sleep, but none of them have worked. My vision, hearing and my health are all rapidly declining and I don’t see a point to continuing to try to fix it. I don’t even like any of my friends anymore, and Nothing makes me happy.

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Deacon “George”

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  • Guys I’m better and fully out of my depressive state... it felt very very real to me at the time, but I was on the wrong medications and was overworking myself. I go through big waves of depression and it’s my biology not something I choose to do. I do want to let go of this phase for a while so please!!!!! Stop commenting on this, whether it’s hate or trying to help. Thank you

  • As I've said all along, you're a pathetic attention seeking ** head.
    Go bother somebody else.

  • I feel just like you and I really encourage you to seak professional help. It seems like it doesn’t help, but it actually does a lot.. rooting for you <3

  • Tired of this confession

  • Here here.

  • Srsly. Every bubble-wrapped precious little 18-year-old ever thinks they've got it harder than everyone else, and none of them have had any true life experience yet. There are plenty of us who had rough early lives and it did NOT get better, but do we cry for attention for it? No, because our brains are fully developed (unlike a teenager's-- look it up) and have long realized we're not the center of the universe. Sick of hearing these little fools (who think they know everything) whimper like puppies just because reality's starting to hit.

  • Thank you mate !!!
    I was starting to think after reading all the ** comments from all the other pathetic snowflakes that I was the only person that has the same attitude as.yourself !
    Again, thank you .
    You and I are normal.bloke's !.

  • Oh, there's a lot more than just us out there. We're just not constantly shooting off our mouths the way the snowflakes do. As always, people think ^ noise = ^ people. Nope, just SOME people squealing like little piggies all the time!

  • Life gets so much better after high school.

  • In some ways, yes (after a while you can buy your own alcohol!). In other ways, NO. You'll see.

    And CERTAINLY not in the social sense. All those cliques and all that jockeying for status? All that drama and gossip and general stupidity? None of THAT "gets better", it just gets more subtle. Don't be fooled by clueless so-called grownups trying to blow sunshine up your a$$.

    Anyone who bleats "#ItGetsBetter" at high schoolers ought to be slapped for lying to them. Or for being stupid.

  • Please hold on, don't give up ! I know it's easy to say from my point of view but you WILL find a way to get better. The good thing about being at the bottom is that you can only go up. You WILL get better!

  • Gay

  • As a person with ADHD, I understand what you are going through. It is not an easy disorder to live with. I'm with you, brother! You don't have to feel alone because other people also feel that way.

  • ** on my titt1ies BRO

  • Blow me **

  • I had this same feelings when in High school. I got out join the Navy and life was good then better.

  • Well, that's sad for you


  • CHOO CHOO - Matthew Lee Prior

  • Hang in there, wait for your second wind which always comes around sooner or later. Things will get better.

  • I feel the same way, and I'm 59. Hope you find some help.

  • I hope that you can get the support you need also!

  • Xvideos.com

  • Lmao

  • Stop posting this ** fs

  • Agreed . Another attention seeking ** feeling sorry for himself.
    Total load of self pitying **.

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