Deacon “George”

At my Kingsbridge-Bronx RC church I recently discovered that our soon to be Deacon “George” has a very checkered past. He was arrested years ago for having oral s** with another man right next to the children’s playground at Van Cortlandt Park when a mother saw him and called the police. The playground was directly across the street from our old church. He has been cruising the neighborhood parks for over 30 years. Ok it’s his own personal business. Then I find out he had an affair with a now defrocked priest “Ralph”. OK still his own business. Then I find out that he had been disowned by some of his family for inappropriate behavior with his niece and nephews. This is where it becomes problematic. “George” trains the young alter servers and runs the youth group at the church. He also has a very close relationship with the pastor who is also strange. They spend an awful lot of time alone together. “George’s” much older wife seems oblivious to all of this.
My dilemma is that I know I should report this to the NY Archdiocese and St Joseph’s Seminary but fear that it will all be swept under the rug, and I will he berated for doing the right thing. I know that if I do nothing this will become a bigger problem and as a Deacon he will only become more daring in his exploits. So upset over all of this!

Nov 2

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  • Well, believe with what you see... if it is a rumor that would be bearing false witness of your neighbor. Here in America a person need PROOF and not just suspicion. I’m sure it’s the imagination. However, if it is true obviously run.

  • It’s true!

  • If you have videos of the acts and any other proof and evidence, you will be represented well, if I was your lawyer, acting on your behalf. I would gather all good professionals to help you out ~ Don't you worry about anything!

  • I am a Judge and I would make sure I have all the proof and evidence. Get private investigators and all good professionals , to look into the matter thoroughly and scrupulously. Once I have all the evidence, I will have all those involved marred and pay the price! Enough nonsense on this website!

  • Here is the DUMBEST part of all of this BullSheiz! The Catholic Church is, without doubt, the wealthiest organization on Earth! The have assets in HUNDREDS of Billions (possibly Trillions). Do you think that there is ANY rumor YOU have heard about, which if true, they haven’t already checked out? Do you think that your silly church-lady rumor-mill is ANY match for the investigative power of the Catholic Church? Plus, with all the scandals they have been through in the past twenty years, do you think that they would even RISK having someone with an easily verifiable criminal past, be in a position of authority in the church at all (let alone in authority of children?) Grow-up! LEAVE THIS ALONE! DO NOTHING! At best, you are poking your nose where it does not belong, and at worst you could destroy an innocent person’s life! The Bible says that rumors are like a bag of feathers emptied during a wind-storm in the desert... once they are out, as much as to try, as hard as you look, you will NEVER be able to retrieve all the feathers! Likewise once you have released a rumor, it will spread so far, so quickly, that no matter how hard you try, you could NEVER make it right!

  • You fail to realize that the “Lavender Mafia” is alive and well within the church. Some of them are quite welcoming to a pervert like this. So don’t get up on your high horse thinking you know it all saying Do Nothing. It’s people like you that are so naive in thinking the way you do. Doing nothing is the worst thing. Not weeding out the perverts makes life more difficult for everyone, especially those good honest and decent Priests with a real vocation who live in fear of the “Lavender Mafia”.
    You are the one who needs to grow up. You are the one whose do nothing attitude makes me believe that you secretly want the perverts to be there. Or maybe you are one of the perverts. Maybe you are.......

  • Homosexuals are narcissistic to the core. The reason why there are so many perverted Bustards in our society is because they are protected by these 'so called corrupt organizations!' Scandalize homosexuals that are doing these abusive acts of immorality and make sure they get locked up. Children have enough nonsense to put up with, as it is! As for the bad apples, I feel so sorry for the good clergy that are trying to do the right thing. By doing nothing you let EVIL run rampant and lots of innocent lives are destroyed. No different than some corrupt Judges, Lawyers, police and doctors. We can throw other illegal unregistered entities into the mix, also!

  • Actually it’s true and he is doing everything he can to cover it up again so he doesn’t have to change churches and hide again. He has left a trail of missing money and perversion since the 1990’s. I know this story and it’s true. I understand your point. But you need to realize that he needs to just walk away and not bring further scandal to the church.

  • Lock all the bad apples up! The universe will be better without corruption.

  • Yes, lies and rumours do damage peoples lives. The way you wrongly damage an innocent persons reputation, karma will come back to you, hundredfold. As the saying goes: Even if you have the proof and evidence, these powerful organizations will do everything in their Power to ruin you. If they are guilty as charged, get a good police officer who will do their good work, behind the scenes. Start your way from the TOP and work your way down to the bottom because corruption has to be stamped out from where it starts. “Nolite te bastardes carborundorum. Don't let the bastards grind you down.” Get all the proof and evidence (video footage) and then let the good people do their work. Crimes should never go unpunished!

  • Let’s just hope someone else that knows George reads this!

  • A good policeman, who is not corrupt, will fix this problem up, if the Law does nothing. As for those, who are in their chosen profession and allow this kind of 'carry on' to fester, they are no better than the perpetrator. There are good/decent people in their chosen profession and they know how to outsmart the Law! As for the 'untouchable ones', watch your back because it comes to hit you fast and good when you least expect it! Natural Justice has a way of catching up with those who thing they can lie their way through the system.

  • You are so correct!

  • Sorry typo error: think instead of thing

  • Sorry think instead of thing

  • Report it copy furnished the CBCP and Vatican. Supported by affidavits and police records.

  • These BUSTARDS always get away with murder. No matter how much reporting you do, it always goes under the radar because the LAW IS AN ASS. The LAW protects all the evil doers. It's not what you know ~ It's who you know! There is no such thing as Human Rights Lawyers. It's all about money. If your are too honest you get punished beyond belief.

  • Send a anonymous letter to the diocese with a carbon copy to the NY Times, detailing all the facts you have. The Church been hiding this MF s*** too long. I hope you'll be the one who blows up they ass!! "Let the sun shine in!!"

  • NO!!!! Do nothing!! First off, it's none of your f****** business. Second, if the church wants a background check on the guy (which they SHOULD), they can easily -- and inexpensively -- get one. Again, this is NOT your job and not your concern. Third, you have NO IDEA how much of what you think you know is true and how much was dreamed up by some moron(s). If you put it in writing, and it's found to be false, you could very very well be held responsible for defamation. You can tell yourself that " if I don't sign it and don't use my name, they'll never find me". But if you're wrong in your allegations, and "George" is damaged in your dissemination or articulation of them, they will ABSOLUTELY find you. So, again: DO NOTHING!!! BECAUSE, TRUST ME: YOU DON'T "KNOW" ANYTHING. you've heard a lot of salacious bullshit and you don't know that ANY of it's true. EVERYTHING you think you know you heard from somebody far less intelligent than you. They call that "hearsay" and it's not allowed to be brought as evidence in a courtroom for a reason. One last time:


  • Hey Mr. Do Nothing! Guess What? It was true! He got fired and now it’s everyone’s business!

  • Doing nothing is part of the reason this happened!

  • When you do something sadly, the imperfect system punishes the person who tries to do the right thing. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't! There is an omnipresent being who takes care of those who believe they are untouchable! I have seen this happen so many times to people who do terrible things.

  • I have to concur. I wish ^this^ weren't true, but I'm afraid it is so.

  • The church lies to protect their own. This is what other corrupt organizations do! They lie and don't care about the person who submits a complaint. I believe in karma and all responsible, will be held accountable. There is such thing as Natural Justice.

  • A problem like this is everyone’s business. It says that the issue was discovered and not that it was told by some third party. If that’s the case and there is true merit to the issue at hand, then it is in the best interest of many, especially the families of that church, for a proper investigation to be conducted. One of the reasons abuse got so out of hand is that it was ignored and mishandled if at all.

  • Let the professionals do their jobs, dickwheat. Meantime , you should climb down off your high horse, dial down the smug superiority andSTFU. You don't know what you're talking about. I'm absolutely certain the OP is absolutely well-meaning, but I'm not at all certain he's got anything in his possession that could actually be called a "fact". Every single item he lists COULD be demonstrably true , or any one or more could have originated in the minds of a bunch of tweakers living on the streets in NYC. There are people in the world who check backgrounds for a living. The prospective employer should be the one to unleash those hounds. And after spending millions and millions of dollars settling claims, believe me when I tell you, the Church is highly motivated to avoid spending any more. If there's really trouble with George, it will be discovered through normal channels; not up in here.

  • Good point!

  • Sounds like you are either defending “George” or hoping to cover for him. Having him removed from his potential ministry as he is at a high risk for serious misconduct does not involve any court proceedings. He will likely be asked to leave the program and not return. This is about protecting those he could potentially exercise influence over.

  • The church should be the party with an active interest in protecting its children, and they can and SHOULD do a simple and cheap background check on George or ANYONE looking to go to work in or volunteer for its children's ministry. In fact, their internal policy rules probably require that they do just that. Such a check will uncover anything in his history that is in the nature of abuse and which might be concerning. Unsubstantiated allegations have the clear prospect of staining someone's reputation and ruining his/her life, especially within or arising from a church. It's the church's responsibility, and it should be left to them to act on. We cannot assume that what the OP has heard is necessarily true but just not yet Proven. The odds are that it's all trashy gossip.

  • The background check won’t uncover his sealed arrest. A male on male b****** at a children’s playground will be dealt with then sealed or dismissed in New York after six months without another arrest. This is a loophole that allows predators to consistently gain access to children over and over. The only evidence of that arrest is likely in the local precinct records and logs from the actual day of the arrest. Those aren’t expunged and are obtained through a FOIL request. And in a company/organization like the New York Archdiocese an individual doesn’t have to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt as their system is not a court of law. In their administrative proceedings a preponderance of the evidence would be enough for dismissal.

  • Those background checks are flawed.

  • Like they say . . . . . . . . the road to h*** is paved with good intentions.

  • Eat s*** pedo

  • Eat your own, h***.

  • You lot are all a waste of life

  • Limey

  • I so love a good story.
    Very entertaining (not).

  • Stick to Gillian Flynn or Paula Hawkins or Ruth ware.

  • I get it that you wanted to read something different here. I dont think case this was meant for entertainment. The post addresses a real issue that many face today.

  • Yawn

  • This isn’t meant to be exciting. It’s a serious issue!

  • Not the way it is here

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