Not cool sis

I got divorced when I was 40, Two months after my 40th I walked in on my ex ** deep in my friend, his friends wife so not only did he ruin one marriage but two and two friendships in the process.
I walked out and never talked to him, Her or her husband again but that's not the point, My younger sister...Also divorced...Hmmm, Anyway she had a FWB, and tried to tell me I needed to get one, It had been a year and I was like Nah but thanks, One night she invites hers to my place and when he shows up I am like Holy, Maybe I do need one. On the story goes and 3 months after the first time I meet him she "Lends" him to me.
Drunk hot tubbing and she tells him to whip it out, He obliges and it's massive, she leaves and tells him to come to her place after (A 5 minute walk from mine) and he rocked my world, Like rocked it and it will never be the same so she is two years my junior and he is 12 years younger than her. This goes on for a year and a half and he bounces back and forth between us and then....On her 40th birthday he proposes to her in front of everyone and she says yes. No, No, No, You can't do that, you can't share a boy toy with me and then talke it away.
Further more he is a dirty ** and I have been letting him do things I wouldn't let a guy I am going to see at Chritmas, thanksgiving, Easter Etc. do, Nope you can't do this...needless to say she tells me and him we have to stop doing it and "Allows" him one fianle and he made it a grande finale, Like an all night marathon and then I send her fiance who just left me in a puddle, No a lake of a wet spot, I send him packing down the street to go home to her never to experience him again.
You can't do that.........

Next Confession

Ive lost all my friends

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