Living the dream

I have always wanted to have a threesome with my wife, Didn't care if it was with another girl or another guy, Got close a few times but it never happened, Closest we ever got was her jerking my best friends c*** and ALMOST about to put it in her mouth and she bailed. Anyway last night it happened, We are in Vegas right now and supposed to attend a wedding tomorrow, Last night she and a friend of hers I will call Cara because it's easy to type, Her and Cara were talking and giggling all night and at the end of the night we walked up to our door and Cara stood at the door with us as I opened it, When we went inside she came with and....Bazinga.
So, a little about Cara, 36, Single, Bat s*** crazy but a SMOKE show, Long dark hair, Big, Natural b****, Perfect body and Gorgeous, I have known a couple guys who dated her though and say she is totally nuts but I didn't care. So I am on my back, My wife and Cara pull it out and Cara says "Holy crap, You weren't kidding", I'm not huge but above average. They start kissing, Jerking and sucking together and then my wife moves up and is kissing me and I am like WTF is she doing down there, I look down and Cara is giving the worst head ever, Like stiff lipped and going super fast jerking and whatever, I tell my wife "Show her how", My wife starts doing it right and Cara looks at me, Starts out good and then right back to the way she was before.
I'm like yeah, that's terrible, I switch positions and tell her "Slow down, Slower, Wetter and more sensual", She does as told and then works her way back to terrible. I give up on that and we all get undressed, OMG what a body, Truly about the most perfect body I could imagine, Even my wife was like "Holy s*** Cara". I knew this may be my one and only ever time so I pushed for everything I wanted.
I got:
My wife and Cara kissing.
My wife and Cara sucking me.
Cara on top of my wife sucking her nips and vice versa.
F***** my wife with Cara on top while plaing with every inch of Cara's gorgeous body.
Cara on her back and f***** her while my wife sucked her huge, Beautiful t***.
Cara doggy while she went down on my wife.
Did my wife from behind while she went down on Cara.
My wife riding me while Cara sat on my face then they switched.
My wife sitting on Caras face while I f*** Cara.
Cara sitting on my wifes face while I f*** her.
Back and forth from one to the other while they 69'd
Blew my load like 3 times and tried my best to get it back up.
the last time my wife was done and laying on the bed, I f***** Cara over and over and over and I didn't actually know if I was was going to be able to get off again but her big t*** were flopping and she was so tight, She talks and moans and sounds so beautiful, My wife joined back in a little and I managed to rally one more load then we all flopped down on the bed.
I wanted cara to stay but she wouldn't, I tried to talk her into it but she left so now I am sitting here looking at my naked wife sleeping and wishing Cara was spooning her. Today is going to be a GREAT day.

Nov 2, 2020

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  • U live in dream land . nearest u ever got to a 3some is u n ur 2hands

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