Highschool gay ecstasy fun

Mostly straight male here. In high school my male friend and I decided to try ecstasy for the first time. We didn’t know about raves or anything yet so we decided to just spend the night at another mutual friends house and take it there. Our other friend didn’t want to take it but he was okay with us doing it. We crushed the pills in the bathroom in his basement and both parachuted 2 pills, not really knowing what to expect. Within 35 minutes or so, my heart was pounding, my teeth were grinding and my eyes were vibrating, and my whole body felt warm and intensely pleasurable.
Our sober friend made sure we drank water and kept us from making too much noise (his parents were upstairs). He put on a movie and we tried to watch it. I just remember my whole body feeling so good. Without thinking, my fingers ran around my skin, feeling my stomach, chest, and nipples in pleasure. Suddenly our sober friend said “hey! Hand check!” and I looked over and saw my friend had his hands down his gym shorts clearly playing with his c***. I had never had any sexual feeling toward a male before but for some reason the thought of him playing with his c*** turned me on really f****** badly. I put my hand down the front of my shorts too and started fiddling with my c***. I realized I couldn’t get it hard no matter how h**** I was, but it felt so good to play with.
Our sober friend got frustrated with us and told us he was going to bed. He went upstairs. My other friend and I decided to go back into the bathroom and take the rest of what we had.
30 minutes later, my body was on fire. I was sweating and feeling like my whole body was a pleasure zone. I took off my shirt and continued rubbing my chest and nipples while we talked rapidly about how good of friends we were. During the conversation we both kept casually removing our clothes because we were heating up so much and sweating profusely. I couldn’t control my eyes and noticed they were repeatedly glancing at my friends lips and then his body as he removed his shirt and shorts. He was very muscular and fit for a high schooler, with no noticeable body hair and I couldn’t stop staring at his puffy pink nipples while we were talking. I noticed his eyes were looking over my body as well and eventually, basically simultaneously, we both put our hands in our own underwear.
The conversation turned to our c**** and about how we both couldn’t get hard... in fact both of our d**** seemed to be shriveled up. We laughed and I suggested that we watch some p*** to see if we could get hard. My buddy had brought his laptop so we opened it up and put on a long video of a girl giving a sloppy b******. To both see the screen, we scooted really close to each other and our shoulders and arms touched. His skin against mine felt ridiculously good for some reason.
Eventually my friend asked if he could take off his underwear and I excitedly told him yes if I could too. I was dying to feel the A/C blow against my bare naked teenage body. We stripped down and both found ourselves just staring at the other one playing with his limp c***. We weren’t even looking at the p*** video anymore, just rubbing ourselves and looking at each other’s penises. For some reason, his looked beautiful. Light blonde pubic hair surrounded it and it looked so stretchy and cute and fun to play with. Without thinking I reached over and grabbed it. My friend looked up and me, pupils massive and eyes glistening with excitement as he reached over and grabbed mine. We kept talking to each other about how good it felt and how we had never done this before, and pretty quickly we started moaning quietly and scooted closer so our mouths were by eachother’s ears. We just rubbed and squeezed and tugged eachother’s c**** and b**** and whimpered into each other’s ears.
I don’t remember who started it but we started kissing. Intensely. Tongues slobbering messily around each others mouths. Then I laid back and told him to get on top of me. He laid on me in the missionary position and started kissing me, and started grinding his cute little d*** against mine. Both of us finally started to get some blood flow to our c**** and we kept rubbing them against each other in ecstasy. Eventually we sat up. I told him I wasn’t gay or anything but I asked if maybe we could put on some bisexual p*** so we did. My horniness went thru the roof watching 2 men and a woman lick and kiss and suck and f*** each other. I pushed my friend on the couch and started sucking on his beautiful puffy nipples and massaging his c*** with my hand while he moaned. Then we got on top of him backwards in the 69 position and we both started hungrily sucking each other’s semi hard c****. Our bodies felt so good pressed against each other. I had never ever wanted to suck a c*** but now all I could think of was pleasuring him and making him harder and tasting his c**.
With his whole c*** and shriveled b**** in my mouth, my nose was right above his hairy a******. I remember breathing in thru my nostrils (since my mouth was full) and the strong pungent aroma of his sweaty, stinky a*** overpowered me. My eyes rolled back and I sniffed the scent in. I didn’t even feel dirty, just unbelievably aroused. I spat out his c*** and started licking and sucking his b**** more, and then his gouche, and then I spread his pale asscheeks apart and dove tongue first into his matted hairy brown a******. I just started licking and slithering my tongue around his yummy hole, intoxicated by the taste and smell. My friend started moaning loudly in pleasure and that just turned me on even more.
He started r****** my a****** too. It was the first time I had felt a tongue on my a*** and my whole body got goosebumps from the pleasure. I heard the sound of slapping on the screen and looked up to watch one of the men in the video bent over, spreading his a****** wide and getting railed by the other man. I got off my friend, got on the floor and got down on all fours, back arched and ass sticking up in the air. I shoved two fingers into my mouth and slobbered all over them. Then with my other hand I spread my asscheek (my ass was facing the couch in full view of my buddy) and with my saliva coated fingers, I started f****** my a******.
I felt like a slutty girl. Like a hot little pornstar showing off for a sexy man. I moaned and my voice became more and more high pitched, like I was trying to imitate the woman in the p*** video. After giving my friend a show, I turned back toward the couch and kept sucking him off while I fingered my a****** and tugged my c***. After what felt like a eternity, I felt an o***** start to build. I rammed my prostate harder and harder until I shot ropes of hot c** onto the carpet. The feeling of c****** of ecstasy while I sucked my best friends yummy c*** was the most pleasurable moment of my entire life, to this day. It wasn’t long after that my buddy said he was going to c** too, and I sucked him and stroked him until he squirted a sweet watery load into my mouth. I swallowed it all.
After that, we mostly just watched p*** for the rest of the night and talked. In the morning, our other friend came downstairs to tell us it was time to go, and found us sitting on his couch with bisexual p*** still playing on the laptop, completely naked and sweaty. He kind of freaked out but we were still rolling so we didn’t really care. Nothing gay ever happened again between my friend and I. I moved about a year later and since then I’ve only had relationships with women. But every once in a while when I’m extremely h****, I look him up on Facebook and go thru his pictures (especially shirtless ones) and I stroke my c*** thinking about that unforgettable night in high school.

Nov 3, 2020

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