What to do.

I don't know what catergory to put this in so I stuck it here. I took a girl home last night, So hot, I spotted her right away at the bar, Started flirting, Sent drinks and by the end of the night had danced with her and talked her into coming home with me, So beautiful, Loved her body, her face, Everything and then...
She got undressed, Ahem, Uh...Ok, Got her bra off, I knew she was a smaller girl, Not real big, just over 5 feet i would say and just a wild guess but maybe....130 ish pounds...I don't know, I got her bra off and before taking it off she had...Average sized b****, Not big, Not small but average, I took off her bra and even with her shirt still on I right away noticed there was a huge difference, they dropped, like gone, they were just two small bumps way lower than before. Ok, I can deal with that, Went to get her shirt off, Not happeneing with the lights on, Dimmed the lights and it reluctantly came off...Hmmm. I have seen a lot of b****, I have, Many single moms but...Hers are bad, Small, saggy, Wrinkly, Empty, I could go on but won't, Her nips droop, yeah, they are big, Like long, Not big and they droop so I uh, I decided to proceed.
We head to the bedroom, I get my pants off, She is on her knees sucking and OH MAN she is so great, Like never had anyone like that, Doing it all RIGHT, Taking half shaft, B****, Everything done just right, She stands up and drops her pants, A little bit of a wrinkly tummy, Ok, Not the first time but it was probably worse than the ones I have seen, I get making out with her and groping her ass, Soft, Not like it was in her jeans, I flop her on her back and spread her legs and it was like heaven, OH MY, So perfect, total Innie, No p*** flaps, No wings, No meat curtains, I lick and tongue and finger, So tight, tastes perfect, Has a great little pink butt hole, Lets me rub, Lick and finger it, I put it in, She is tight, Oh she is tight, I pound her and she takes it, loves it, She is vocal, She gets wet, she lifts her legs, she rolls onto her stomach and takes it with a thumb in her butt.
She rolls onto her back again and I realize she has NO b****, Like they absorbed completely into her rib cage, Just two big, long, weird looking nips, I hammered her hard and she loved it all, I asked where she wanted me to finish, She said "wherever you want", I put my finger on her lips and she nodded, I pulled out, Got it everywhere by "Accident" to gauge her response, It was favorable and then we got dressed and hung out. She is great, I love hanging out with her, two hours later we fall asleep, I wake up, try to slip my arm out from under her beautiful face and she wakes up, ready to go again, I pound her out on the couch, and by afternoon I am out at a restaurant with her. That night rounds three, Four and a nap, morning round 5, Three days later 6, 7 and now somewhere into mid teens but she is now comfortable with the lights on and it is working against her.
What do I do, I actually like her but she has three kids and...Well, That body.

Nov 3, 2020

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