If your girlfriend tells you that you can f*** around all you want, unless she also f**** around, what she really wants is you all to herself. It's 'cause we'd feel more special if you figure it out by yourself. I guess we want a guy that knows what we want, even when we say the opposite.

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  • Wrong ..... If she says that to you , rest assure she is also fooling around . Best of both worlds . GOOD luck

  • The games people play .

  • All these negative comments are ridiculous. The OP is exactly right. She's created a test, and her men either pass or fail. The ones that fail are just SOL. But the ones that pass? They get ALL the honey!!!

  • Totally!!! And let's not are fun! Why so serious????!??

  • Did you just reply to your confession and comment on it as well? Seems so.

  • .....r*****...........

  • I guess your future is with someone, who will swing with other couples with you. Good luck with trying to find a person like that.

  • This is the stupidest and most potentially damaging thing I've ever seen. Unless, of course, you're in, like, fifth grade and will eventually grow out of it.

  • You give women a bad name with these games. Just say what you mean, stop being dumb.

  • Great advice

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