Poor role model.

My sister is a w****, Like literally I think she whores herself out for weed, My parents travel a lot and leave her to look after me because I am just a baby and need to be looked after....Pffft.
My sister is 17 and I am 15 and she has more guys in and out of this house than...I don't know what and some of them are super sketch, She is dirty, Just plain and simple dirty and I think she trades s** for drugs and then does some and sells some, She has no shame and just does it right out in the open, She'll suck a guy off right in front of me, Take a guy in the bedroom and leave the door open, I have watched her suck two guys at different times and take two guys in the bedroom at the same time IN ONE DAY.
She walks around in nothing but a thong and tank top, a guy knocks on the door and she will just let him in, He gives her a bag of weed and she'll suck him off or bang him, I can be right there, Sitting 3 feet away and the dude judt drops his pants and she sucks him off. Like dirty sucking, B**** and everything and lets them...Shoot wherever, She has a towel with her almost all the time to clean up with and these pigs know how old she is and they are definitely not her age and some I am pretty sure are older than our dad.
The other day one of them pulls out of her mouth and shoots on her b**** and smiles at me the whole time, I am just sitting there like "Gross". Anyway, My sister is a w****.

Nov 5, 2020

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  • I wish i knew her

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