I hate the fact I had kids

I’m 52 and have 3 daughters, if I could do it again I would never have kids, the first two I absolutely can’t stand and the last one I love but she’s an a******. I’m sorry I lost myself and became a mom. I have them my love, time, money and youth! It wasn’t worth it!!



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  • Societies or Economic systems can be such bad, that they will ruin your kids.
    So its not your fault, not fault of any mum.
    sorry if it went erong and they take more effort then it was worth.

  • You'r screwed up. Most moms would give their lives for their kids. And they love to relive the times they where raising their kids and would repeat that in a minute. You are a me me person and probably a guy.

  • Fuck off!

  • It’s a confession post not a beat u up! U have your opinion I have mine simple as that!! You think your such a wonderful person bravo good for you!

  • This is a fake post. But if it isn't my reply still stands.

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