I hate the fact I had kids

I’m 52 and have 3 daughters, if I could do it again I would never have kids, the first two I absolutely can’t stand and the last one I love but she’s an a******. I’m sorry I lost myself and became a mom. I have them my love, time, money and youth! It wasn’t worth it!!

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  • You'r screwed up. Most moms would give their lives for their kids. And they love to relive the times they where raising their kids and would repeat that in a minute. You are a me me person and probably a guy.

  • F*** off!

  • It’s a confession post not a beat u up! U have your opinion I have mine simple as that!! You think your such a wonderful person bravo good for you!

  • This is a fake post. But if it isn't my reply still stands.

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