Freedom from you

I have a boyfriend who loves me and wants to marry me. He is willing to buy me a house and even offered to let me be a stay at home mom. But I don’t love him. I never wanted to date him - I just went along with the flow. He is a friend to me a nothing more, I can’t even bring myself to kiss him. I’ve tried being a b**** to him to make him leave but he still around. My family adores him but I want my freedom more than anything. Since I can’t bring myself to actually hurt him and break up with him, I’m going to run away. Nothing dramatic like faking my own death I’m just simply going to sell everything I own that I don’t need. I will tell my family where I am but that is it. I’m starting over without him.

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  • You really think running away isn't going to hurt him? Really?

  • Have you ever tried telling him, "it just isn't right. I'm sorry, I can't marry you"? Because there is no need to run away from this.

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