My nights

That I'm a f****** loser who uses light bulbs to rubs her f****** v***** and I do it all.the time and just cry asking why I do this but I can't find an answer

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  • The answer is "because you're h**** as a rat".

  • But you are a guy how does that work

  • It doesn't work, but neither do you, moron.

  • He rubs and inserts them up his @ss

  • Please please find a safer toy/tool and do it right away. You could easily injure yourself. Even if you can't get an actual d**** (preferably big and black) or vibrator or egg or benwa, or cant hide one well enough, just use the handle end of a hair brush, or a cucumber but STOP using the bulbs. tooooooooo dangerous. PLEASE!!

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