Don't go backstage alone

I went to a concert when I was 18 (Two years ago) and after the concert I was invited backstage by a very nice looking girl, Well dreesed had a pass and invited only me out me and my three friends, They were all like "Go, Go, Go, We will be just a block away at ****".
I go back stage and it was the worst experience of my life, The first guy basically told me to get on my knees, I look at the girl and she put a cushion on the floor, I get on my knees, She pulls my top down (I have big b****), He pulls it out and I give him head while everyone laughs and jokes and watches, Guys are grabbing my b****, Slapping them, The girl kneels behind me and pulls my hair back with one hand, Slides the other under me and assulted me from behind all while telling me what a good little w**** I was.
I sucked him off and someone else I couldn't tell who stood beside me and jerked on the side of my face while I swallowed his load then he stepped back and I sucked off the drummer from the opening act while the girl fingered both my holes, I tried to smile and laugh but kept gagging and I did my best not to cry.
The girl basically uses the fingers she has in both my holes to stand me up and bend me over, The main attraction stepped up behind me and she held me open while he started f****** me, Random guys jerked and either came in my mouth or on my face. When he was done f****** me and shoving what felt like his whole hand in my ass I stood up, Fixed my skirt and the girl kissed me on the mouth, Groped my b**** and I fixed my shirt, she gave me a towel and I wiped my face and she took me by the hand, led to a door and out into the alley, I turned around and she closed the door.
I stood there crying and banging on the door for a while and of course no one answered so I was forced to walk to where my friends were, They seen instantly how horrible I looked and drove me home while I cried and told them the whole story. My friends should have been able to keep it to themselves but of course that didn't happen and I have had like 3 dates since.
So...There's my story.

Nov 12, 2020

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  • If this is actually true, why haven't you gone to the police with it?

  • Sorry to hear...wish you'd gone to the ER or police.

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