I ask mom nicely

I don't think I have done anything so exciting as what I did in front of mom last night. When I opened my pants, she was surprised, and a little embarrassed. I started to m********* and very nicely asked, please let me do this mom. As soon as she started to say something, I cut her off saying, please mom, I can't stop. And she gave in. She smiled real soft like, even when I leaned forward and started to c** all over her. What excited me the most, and it's probably why I did again, was hearing her say you're welcome, after I thanked her for letting me c** on her.

Mar 14, 2022

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  • My Mom came into my room one night, a surprise because she never did that, and certainly not in her negligee. It wasn't fully sheer through, just translucent. I had just turned 17, and had just started driving, so I had a few dates, not many.

    She sat on the edge of my bed and asked me If had had s** yet, I had just started dating. She began by telling me about how girls got pregnant, which I already knew from s** ed classes, bit Listened carefully, after all she was my mom.

    Then she told me she wanted me to show her my p****, so she could "explain" a few things, she wanted to be sure I didn't mess up. So, shyly, I pulled aside the covers and lowered my briefs, embarrassed because I was fairly erect.

    She told me there was nothing to be ashamed about, that Iwas a very nice size, then she reached out and touched me with a fairly firm grip. I jumped, surprised, she told me to relax and just let it happen, with many girlfriends they would do this to avoid full s**. She also said she was teaching me this so I also could avoid full s** until married, and this would take the edge off and teach me better control.

    Mom gave me the best hand job I ever have had, it wasn't my first one, some things I already knew about. Nothing wrong with that, just a mom being a mom, that wants the best for her child. The bad part is it was only once.

  • Ooooo my...so hot. Anything else happen?

  • Why stop there? Lots of moms help out their sons by m*********** them.
    It should be a regular thing. And then, gently but firmly tell her to s*** your d***. It will keep you out of trouble with girls at school at least for a while. A huge number of moms have s** with their sons. That is where the phrase "Soccer Mom" started. Mom's whose sons play soccer would swap and s*** and f*** the friends of their sons. they felt keeping the boys' b**** drained
    made them better players, but that was just an excuse so they could get teenage boy d***

  • Now ya f***** ya moms, like Nimrod did. Congratulations, you're now a citizen of the Gate to the Trinity of Baal, Lucifer & Semiramis.

  • You’d be surprised how common it is, especially down south. It’s prevalent in the religious land… gross either way. I’m guessing it’s a fake one though. Never know though.

  • Not fake. Very common in Texas

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