Deal with it

I’m a 16 year old girl who just came out to my family as trans female. So yeah, just wanted to tell that to somebody. I’m a woman with a p****, deal with it transphobes.

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  • Im a gay but I dont like guys, I still like f****** girls, woman and lesbos

  • "There is no such thing as Chicks with d**** only dudes with t***"-Ted. you're welcome

  • Period I just came out you might see my post my name is Ashley my insta is ashley0ak27 I used to be gay lol I was always a girl but didn’t know how to express myself but I found myself and now I’m looking to start hormones

  • Some people are born with more then xy and yx chromosomes there is ex ex ex y and so on

  • Wow, you are sooo amazing. I plan on coming out this year at “hey everyone look at me and how special I am”. Then I’m going to join in the grievance olympics and out micro-aggress all my competitors. No can out special me. I’m the f****** humblest!

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