I love girl fur!

I love girls that don't shave at all! For me, nothing is sexier than a beautiful woman with fuzzy armpits and light fuzz on their legs! I don't understand the current trend for hairlessness. It's like the world has become filled with pedophiles! I'm fine with trimming the bush a bit, but I love the little hairs growing on thighs, and tiny ones on girl bellies!

To me that is a sign of a free thinking independent woman that doesn't bow to the pressures of society to do something (that is a lot of work) to fit in and be acceptable. So, ladies, throw away the razors and let it grow!

p.s. the hygiene "issue" for shaving armpits is bullshit... do some research and you'll see...

Jul 8, 2010

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  • that is normal friend I also like girls who has hair because its different than normal that gives a little excitement isn't it?

  • oh my god. i think my boyfriend wrote that!

  • lolz, i dont shave my legs regularly enough.. i dont care too much... people tell me "i like you need to shave" and im lyk yeh whatever....
    .. but armpits, what the? im not french...

    anyways! hair collects sweat and makes for BO, thats why you should shave your armpits.. other than the ugliness of it all...

  • when youre visiting her nether regions, there hair also has another function. When you're done you will have so much hair in your teeth you can floss with it.

    NASTY lol

    i like to shave because i feel silky and smooth when im done. It just looks so much nicer. I shave my vag, b*******, arms, pits, & legs.

    soooo smooth.

  • Bush is so '70's.

  • Right on, dude. I'm a girl and I don't shave.

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