Hello Carol.

About two years ago a work friend of mine told me a story about a coworker, I wasn't in that department the day of his story but we work in a office environment and I just got transfered over a few months ago but he claimed he had dropped something and bent over to pick it up, As he did Carol the woman in his department turned her chair, Put a paper on the side of her desk and he happened to look up, He claimed the way she was sitting he seen right up her skirt and his claim was that she was commando that day so...Since I came to his department I have not been creepy about it but I have taken the opportunity maybe a few times to attempt a peek and I have caught some butt cheek and one time a little glimpse, Just a glimpse of what I thought was maybe a lip.
So a little about Carol, I will say 50-55 years old, Pure white hair, Shoulder length, She is a pretty good looking woman for her age I would say, She keeps a pic of her daughters family on her desk and her daughter is a hotty and I figure that Carol probably resembled her in her younger years. She is always dressed very prim and proper but very nice, Skirts and blouses and the odd time a little bit of cleave showing, She would be...Just over 5 feet tall, I would guess and this is totally a guess based on my GF's build but maybe...135 pounds...Ish. She is a very nice woman, Just overall nice, polite, Personable and friendly.
Well yesterday the stars aligned for me, Not so much for Carol but definitely for me, I was at my desk and my file wouldn't print, I sent it to Carol and asked her to print it, She did and spun her chair around then slid back toward me and leaned. She stretched out her arm with my papers and I heard a crack and over she went, The leg on her chair broke and Carol went over backwards, I attempted to catch her and missed, She hit her head on the floor and I stood up, My friend had gone to the bathroom and missed 90% of it but did see the end of it, I jumped up, Carol was holding her head moaning and when I stood up there it was.
It was like the "AAAAAAHHHHHH" moment in a movie when the treasure reveals itself, Carol had one leg hanging over the chair and the other was out to the side and her whole "Treasure Chest" was revealed to me, I was trying to help her, Legitimately but in the process I couldn't help myself. I have been with 12 women, I am 29 and the oldest was 30 when I was 26 so I had no idea what to expect from a...Mid 50's woman but lets just say Carol has my attention, Her husband is a VERY lucky man, Carol goes commando, Either all the time or I am extremely lucky and timing just came together, She keeps it trimmed, Edges cleaned up either waxed or very expertly shaved and I cant stop picturing her p****.
So...I stand by her foot and look right up her skirt, Her p**** is perfect, Lips and bikini line are bald, She has a landing strip approximately two inches wide of pure white, Curly pubic hair that I would say is trimmed for length. Her lips are beautiful, her outer ones are Puffy, Wrinkly, Pinkish purple and in her position they were spread but I wouldn't say she has much if any hanging inner lips and the inner ones are nice and soft looking, Pink and small, Just probably where her c*** is as it looked like it is a bit larger, I caught just a quick glimpse and even her butt hole is pink. You know how some women have a bigger looking p****, Just the shape and length of it and some are smaller looking, Well hers is smaller, It really and truly is probably the absolute nicest p**** I have ever seen, My Gf has a beautiful p**** and I would be willing to trade for a night.
Anyway yeah so amazing under her skirt, I would have knelt down and just went ears deep if the situation were different but I must have taken a bit too long of a look because Carol says "Mike...Uuugh...Can you help me instaed of staring up my skirt", She was still holding her head wincing in pain, I helped her roll off the chair and get to her knees, I figured I was already busted and went for it, I leaned over and looked right up her skirt, Absolute perfection from an older woman, I cannot believe how good she looks, Everything was as I thought, All tucked in nice, C*** protruding and a perfect little hairless pink b*******. I help Carol up and my friend comes in, We get her seated in my chair and he goes to get help.
I appologize to Carol for my indescretion and she just holds up one finger shaking her head and says "Nope...Don't" so I leave it, later after a visit to the doctor she retuns basically at the end of the day just to gather some stuff, She appologizes to me for being snappy, I appologize for looking and she turns beet red and says "Yeah...I assume you seen...All of it?", I nod and she nods, I blurt out "Don't be embarrassed, You look amazing" She gasps, Chokes and says "Mike...Mike, Uh ok, Mike no...Inappropriate", I say "Sorry It's just...I have never seen such a beautiful" and she interrupts me and says "No, No, No, we are not talking about this, Ever, Never ever, Ok?", I couldn't help myself and said "Ok, Just know that I would be more than happy to go down there if you ever want to" and during the last half of my comment she is muttering "Don't, Don't, Don't" and when I finish she just bites her top lip and looks at the cieling, Then grabs her purse and some stuff and walks out.
Did I f*** it up or will it be in her mind now and maybe one day she will take me up on it, Who knows but I obviously am hoping for the later.

Nov 20, 2020

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  • My future mother in law used to offer up upskirts all the time, I saw hers before I even saw her daughters, Never did get any, but saw it all swollen and puffed up many times so I am sure she was aware and got off on showing it. . It was really neat when I found out her daughter did not even own a pair of panties, because her Mom told her those caused diseases.

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