Sometimes I question religion and it’s laws. The Bible says gentiles (nonjews) are a law unto themselves and have the law written on their hearts. Our consciences convict and sometime do not convict ourselves...
That being said, why is it important that we believe in Jesus that brings sinners back from error acting outside the Jewish law? I’m not Jewish... why believe in their savior??

Nov 20

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  • Once you understand that the bible was written by Jewish pig-crap everything falls into place,

  • Once you understand that all religion is mythology intended to control people and get them to part with their money, all will be clear to you. Just think of the Defender-in-Chief of Paedophiles and Child Abusers in the Vatican. It's about time he gave the Vatican gold back to the South American Indians.

  • Jesus is not just a Savior to/for the Jews. Yes, it was Jewish prophecy that foretold his birth, life and death, but his sacrifice was not just for the benefit of Judaism and its adherents, but for all who believe, regardless of race, gender, history, status, or religion. In fact, the Jews of his day utterly rejected him, refusing to believe he was the long-promised, long-awaited Messiah. The phrase "law unto themselves" is a somewhat complex theological idea, tortured by its English translation, but it doesn't mean that Gentiles are or were subject to Mosaic Law or any other: all believers are under grace, not law, meaning salvation comes by God's grace, through faith in Christ alone, and NOTHING ELSE. So, the simple and pure version is this: if you believe that Jesus is the living Son of God, that He died to expunge your sins --- all of them --- and you accept that redeeming act, your sins are forgiven in full, AND YOU ARE SAVED!!! It couldn't be easier. Or sweeter. Be well, my friend.

  • This was written so perfectly.

  • But we will always remember them though to haunt us...

  • Jesus often gave his mother sexual satisfaction as his father, Joseph, couldn't' get it up.

  • Thank you for the great info!

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