I absolutely love and adore my wife and would never do anything to lose her, so wouldn't act upon my fantasy. My confession is -
I just want to see her have s** with another man. To kiss her while he's f****** her. Watch her have an amazing o***** as another man's sperms drips out my wife vigina.

Nov 21, 2020

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  • You really should try and let her know how you feel. At first she may be shocked and confused but it will make her think about it more and more. Be gentle with her and assure her of your love for her. Together, read stories and accounts of wife sharing, after a while she will realize you are serious and how much it arouses you. Make suggestions as to how she might dress more provocatively and complement her on her new look. Let her know she has admirers when you go out and it makes you proud of her. Point out a good looking man that you think would make a good lover for her. Once the seed is sown in her mind, she is sure to respond at some point to let you know she is ready to let it happen. Once she has experienced being a hotwife, there is no turning back and you will both enjoy the pleasures it will bring

  • I love watching my hubby f*** other women

  • I think of my wife and a guy we both know . i know she likes him and he her . but i do get aroused thinking of them .we often roleplay during s** and one night i had her blindfolded and was playing with her with s** toy ad she loving it i said think of someone n seeing she got turned on i said i know who ur tinking of . as i played with her i told her it turning me on thinking its him . n i said his name .she went quite . then put her hand on the toy and called out his name oh typhoo . hearing her turned me on . i touched her . and could see she was in deep tought of him . i slowly went down on her licking her p**** . her calling out his nsme n pulling me in thinking its him . her c** pouring into my mouth . her wishing thyoo wa tasting her honey . i was rock hard andi slid my c*** inside her . her moaning for him notto stop . omg dont stop as she pulled him in . make love to me she kept saying . deeper . she really was in thought it was him . then i love u thyoo she start saying . make me pregnant . want ur baby . i exploded inside her n she kept saying thyoo fill mewith ur c** . have to admit i loved it . i even asked her would she do it for real. but woudnt .

  • I think it common fantasy . i also think if it but nit wih just any guy. i know the guy i want ni think my wife say no but would think about it with this certain guy . so one night during s** i said it to her .1s she was annoyed then got into it . as we were having s** she pretened i was him.calling his name end pulling him in . it was amazing . and tellng him to c** . afterwards she got me to lick her out telling me taste his c** . . we repeated few times .

  • Sick fetish fantasies! This is why the universe is so f***** up!

  • No it’s perfectly normal to have these thoughts if you have an attractive wife and truly love her.

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