I am a female in my late thirties. I had a f*** buddy for 3 years whom I fell for. I was aware he was with other women and had two children. The connection was not always constant but we always talked again. I broke up with him in February because I had to get an abortion. I was deeply ashamed that I had to do it and could not muster the desire to be with him after that. (Hope it makes sense) He contacted me in June (Covid check-up). We talked for a few days but then I chased him away because he wanted to hook up again. I found out he got married to one of his baby's mother in July. It's bittersweet because I love him and only want him to be happy even if it is not with me. But now I fantasize and get off on us hooking up again and us talking about a baby while having s**.

Nov 24

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  • Your fantasy is both delightful and delicious, and I hope it comes true for you. Keep on trying to make it happen. But it obviously can't happen unless you start f****** him again! So what are you waiting on?

  • Yes! Your mixed feelings, and having them all arrive in a jumble, are perfectly normal. And perfectly understandable. And your description of the impregnation conversation in bed --- and in heat --- is simply perfect! Women like us, which is to say most women, want the piledriver treatment from a man who is as hungry to knock us up as we are to get knocked up. And we want to HEAR that urgency in our ears and hearts and souls, as well as FEEL it (rough!!) in our pelvic territories! You are absolutely right on the money! I feel you!

    Many many years ago, my husband was out of town for work and on the first night of his 2-week trip I went to a ladies night at a bar at the shopping mall with some girlfriends from my job. I had no intention of hooking up with anyone, but while I was standing at the bar waiting for another round of drinks for me and my girls, this gentleman in his mid-40s came up to me (I was in my very--early--20s at the time), paid for our drinks, kissed me on both cheeks, and told me, "I would do anything to f*** a baby into you". We f***** that night and then every day and night until my husband returned. The crudeness of his come-on literally took my breath away, and it began the best and most beautiful --- and the most important --- relationship of my life. So, yes!!! Women need to hear that a man wants and needs and intends to knock her filthy
    f****** ass up!!! AND THEN HAVE HIM FOLLOW THROUGH!!!!! You f****** GO, girl!!!! You just f****** go!! My two cents? Don't give up on your guy! Not yet!!!

  • Well, I am your husband I found you cheated on me, so I am leaving you

  • If this man would not help you in time of your greatest need and moved on, what makes you think he would help you if you got pregnant again. There are plenty of men out there that could and would be responsible to you when you need it.

  • I understand u . its hard . i love when a woman talks about having my baby during s** . i do melt 3 when its said to me . problem is i had my wife say it. and her best fiend . . u love him that much have his baby .

  • Oh, man!!! Ya really GOTTA tell the rest of this obviously-incredible story!!!!

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