My other life

I wanted to confess at 8 years old while exploring as all kids do, I found myself in my Step Mothers bedroom staring in her top draw seeing the most amazing soft beautiful underwear for the first time remembering the feel of a slip night dress and petticoat & smell of perfume. From that moment from a tender age I loved underwear that has stayed with me.
I must have had a feminine nature because I seemed to attract Men who abused me & forcing themselves in me gagging blindfolded hearing many voices sometimes feeling many hands all over me, some found out my secret love of underwear, exploiting it. Some were gentle and caring almost but a few treated me like a Barbie doll stripping me dressing me sharing me with others for gratification that has led me to still desire being bent over and no matter what I do the desire has always been in the background. I don't consider myself bi gay straight but a product of environment shaped by it.
I am happily married with kids. Successful ish and a happy life. I have no desire to repeat history as my childhood was far from what I understand as normal but from one tiny love from a small boy who was in love with beautiful smells and silky soft petticoats has left scars sexually as I crave constantly to be dressed by someone, wear something I'm told to wear bent over &........šŸ¤¤

Nov 24, 2020

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  • Another f****** pervert !!!

  • That little boy all those years ago wasn't a pervert nor weird for liking what most also like. Those who raped me over a long time left scars of desires of being penetrated and I will not apologise for it. I can't imagine the mind that would construct an opinion such as clothes making me your label. I love underwear šŸ˜š the rest is abuse on a child, shame it was missed by the person reading my confession calling me a pervert. One has to wonder how & why you ended up wanting to read it.

  • It's such a shame that you weren't loved, instead of being abused. I went through a period of finding lady's underwear erotic and sensual as a child and it has been a desire with me throughout adulthood!! However, I have been loved as a she-male ever since by a succession of lovely men who have adored me.
    I am 62 now and you couldn't see any difference between me and any other female in public as I'm very feminine. I have a regular lover who is a handsome retired man who makes me feel a complete woman.

  • Thank You for the reply and kind words šŸ˜š I have had no tougher a life than anyone else.
    What a great place your life is at. I think in another life I would wish for a snippet of the life you've lived so far. A beautiful thought to be treated so lovingly and feel as you feel. šŸ’“šŸ’“šŸ’“
    A friend who I can talk for who I am is a dream but reality is me getting a private hour here and there dressing, just feeling amazing but long to be held touched and intimate dressed to impress or just a friend without judgement who really knows me.
    I wish you love and happiness xxx šŸ˜™

  • That is very e rotic

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