Noah nomination

Noah Cyrus,20yo sis to Miley, was just nominated for the Grammy's Best New Artist Award, which she will almost surely win. Noah is also much sexier (have you noticed her amazing thigh gap?) and far more beautiful than Miley, but also sexier and more beautiful even than Megan Fox! Noah is too much! Wow!!

Nov 26

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  • Miley is a manufactured and desperate c** tip. I'm sure Noah will be the same

  • I really don't see no way Noah can possibly beat Megan Three Stallion, with what Megan did with Cardi B!" I don't think it gonna happen! Nope!

  • It's unfortunate that Billy Ray didn't pass any singing talent genes onto his kids. I'm happy they have careers in music & acting, but it doesn't take much talent these days to win awards. Good for her though. I'll have to find some pics and see about this cute thing.

  • Noah is a better singer than Miley, although that isn't saying much. But neither of the girls are even slightly attractive, much less, "sexy": they both look, and they both sing, like men. Yeah, they are BOTH "over-the-top" whorish, but being a w**** is not nearly the same as being sexy. Megan used to be whorish, but then she realized what she was doing and she remade herself into a softer version of herself, and now she is DEFINITELY "sexy" all day and in all ways. Neither of the Cyrus girls will ever be half as sexy as Megan. H***, neither of the Cyrus may ever be half as sexy as Billy Ray.

  • She may have surpassed Miley in one or both of the cited categories, but there's not a chance in H*** that Noah will EVER be as beautiful or as sexy as Megan. No way! Can't happen. Megan Fox may be the most beautiful woman in history (she IS the most beautiful one alive!), and she is absolutely the sexiest. OMMFG!!

  • Hey u like bbc

  • The idea is that, because I love Megan Fox to the max, I must like black d***? How does that follow exactly? Sorry?

  • Yes, "OMMFG", indeed!
    Oh, My! Megan Fox is God!!!!!!!

  • How can I get u

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