I wore my moms underwear growing up...

I started doing it at 12 years old. I had been curious about it for awhile. I remember taking a pair of my moms panties from her drawer. I ran to my room and stripped down naked. I remember they were shadowline nylon briefs size 9. I slowly stepped into them and pulled them on and the feeling was electric. They were very large on me and I instantly got hard. I started to stroke and before I knew it I started to c**. My legs shakes as I filled her panties with my c**. It was the first time I ever came and it felt so good. I’ve been doing ever since and I have a large collection now. I do feel a little shame about it now and again but don’t regret it.

Nov 26, 2020

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  • Nah, its just fun to j*** off in some silky panties once in awhile. I'm not trans or genderqueer or anything.

  • I used to wear my moms, grandmas, neighbor's under wear. I collected them. My parents knew. One morning mom comes in braless in pantyhose demanding her bra. After she passed years later when we were moving her things I found the bra. Then her journals. She wrote that she would buy extra bras for me to steal. Also wrote she saw her on toilet which never happened.
    I still have the bra and love jerking off with it. I've made two t*** from rubber that look like hers - big and saggy. I know it's wrong.
    I met an escort that looks like her - older, normal looking and we role play. I'm married but my wife wouldn't understand.
    She talks like her to mewhile smoking, much lipstick, my d*** in her mouth smeared with lipstick.

  • I st tsrted wearing moms panties when I was 12 and soon progressed to wearing all her silky lingerie. The Sears catalog was my womens underwear training book. One day while wearing moms panties, pantyhose, control panty, and her full slip, mom walked in on me j********** in her lingerie as i came. She wasn't mad at me but told me she understood. She later bought me my own lingerie to wear and i loved letting her watch me put it all on. On the weekends we would only wear our lingerie around the house. I asked her if she would get me off and she willingly did. It felt wonderful to cream my panties at her hand. She even let me return the favor to her. Fifty years later i still dress up in lingerie under my clothes. Thanks mom.

  • A lot of us discovered how fun it was to feel our mom's or sister's underwear when we were growing up. For me, it was my older sister's stuff. I had an extra large closet in my room, so all of her old clothes were stored there. It was easy to find something fun to slip on, and her old underwear fit me perfectly (she's 5 years older). I got in trouble for stealing her things, but otherwise there's no harm in having a little fun.

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