Christmas is gona be awkward.

My sister 46 finalized her divorce about a month ago, I am 38, Single, Never married with 1 grown child, Me and her got drunk and I really don't get why she left him for the douche she is with but that's her business, I kept asking questions and she finally said that if I wanted him I could have him and she wouldn't care, I laughed it off but she kept pushing and saying how great he would be for me which I don't understand why if he wasn't good for her that he would be good for me but I feel like she put the idea in my head.
One night a week ago I was out with friends, Got trashed and seen some of his friends, It got me thinking about him so I texted him and told him I seen his friends but he wasn't with them, That started an innocent conversation stream but three days ago it was converted to...Not so innocent, I really should quit drinking, I was having drinks with my sister and her...Dude and went to the bathroom, I was...Frisky and don't have a guy to text so I sent him a pic but tried to pretend it was innocent even though I had adjusted my top so I had a nip peeking out.
He commented but not on the nip so I wasn't sure if he had noticed it and I think drinking with my sister actually made me kind of angry for him and it made me want to help him get a little revenge, (Obviously drunk logic) but when I got in the cab to leave I told it to go to his house. We were still texting and I got to his step and said "Why don't you let me in?" which he did.
So for three days and two nights we ravaged his house, We hooked up on every piece of furniture in every room and I have no idea how he maintained or regained his...H****** so many times but he did well and now I am sitting on the edge of my bed wishing I was back at his house.
Oopsie, Christmas may be a bit awkward.

Nov 26, 2020

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  • Go back to his place for New Years..

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