Bi curious

After meeting with Linda I was confused at my feelings my bunghole was still itching like mad but I couldn't get over how exciting it had been.
I knw that it is wrong having s** with another man but Linda looks and talks and feels like a woman even though she has a c*** and b**** and I have sat and thought abut this a lot knowing that it is wrong but it felt so right so I called asking if she wanted to meet again and we have been meeting off and on since then and I have sucked her c*** many times now and I am getting used to her c*** when she f**** me .
We have tried every position we can and I have even been able to deepthroat her c*** now and we talk for hours as she explains about her life as a TV .
I brought up the clips of watching girls suck their own c**** and she admitted that she is limber enough to suck her own c*** but she can only get the head of her c*** in her mouth so I had her do it for me and it was so cool watching her lay on her back against the wall had raise her legs up the wall then lower her legs until they almost touch the floor and she had me push on her ass a little until she could reach her c*** with her tongue and she licked it and her body relaxed a little more until she could suck on her c*** head but she had to stop several times before she just jacked off with her c*** head several inches above her face until she was ready to c** then she sucked her c*** head back into her mouth as she came.
I couldn't believe it and I tried it but I couldn't even get my c*** close enough to lick my c*** head and in that position I couldn't even stay hard long enough to c**.
Linda said she knows another TV that can suck her c*** and asked me if I wanted to watch her do it she has a really long c*** over 11 inches so I was eager to watch it was Saturday morning and she called Debbie and Debbie agreed if I would let her butt f*** me and I had been butt f***** by ow at least a dozen times so I agreed and she came over.
She is well over 6 feet tall and she also is very attractive with huge b****** and even though she is tall for a woman she is very pretty.
We talked for a very short time until Linda asked her to show me and we went into the bedroom where e she undressed and I was amazed at the size of her c*** and she let me lay with it for a while before she got on the bed and laid back rolling her lower body up and folding over with her knees beside her ears and her c*** was on her forehead .
Debbie stroked it several times then she sucked he c*** head into her mouth and her hips began to move in a rhythm as she sucked more and more of her c*** until she had almost half of her c*** n her mouth and I couldn't believe it as she f***** her own mouth she had to stop several times to breath but it really didn't take that long before she was Cuming and I watched her throat as she swallowed her c** then she unfolded and opened her mouth to show me her c** on her tongue I was so hot now that I let Linda butt f*** me as Debbie recovered then I sucked Debbie's c*** for her we tried everything that day and I watched Debbie suck her c*** later with Linda butt f****** her while she sucked her d*** and that was soooo hot to .
I now am able to even deep throat Debbie's c*** and she can get her whole c*** up my ass now.
I don't now how long this is going to last but for right now I am almost addicted to it.
I know it is wrong but I just cant stop.

Nov 29, 2020

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  • You never know how long such an arrangement might last so take advantage while you have this opportunity. It's time to experiment and find fulfilling s** with no guilt or worry. Think of all the great techniques you are learning. Have fun and be safe.

  • It's not wrong at all it's beautiful

  • "She" is sick and so are you.
    People like you make me cringe.

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