Asa young teen I would return home afterschool and stay with a neighbor until one of my parents arrived home from work, she was mid30's with 2 young boys.
I would sit and watch tele, do homework, what ever, she would sit with me in the lounge room, often squatting down and spreading her legs as she talked to her sons, this gave me a great view up her skirt, which gave me an instant h******, I would then go to the bathroom nd j*** off. This went on for several years, sometimes when they holidayed I would have to feed their dog, this gave me access to the house, I would go to her bedroom, put on a pair of her panties and m********* wildly into some of her other panties.
Eventually I went to boarding school and when I returned in the first break i was left at home while my parents worked, If I needed anything I was to see the neighbor. I saw her out in the yard watering and went out to say hello from the fence, we chatted briefly then I went back inside, shortly after she came to the door, I let her in to chat and noticed she had no bra, the dark areola clearly visible through her top, we chatted a bit, she was seated on the sofa, me on a chair opposite, slowly she spread her legs and I could see she was wearing translucent white panties, I was stunned when she asked me if I was going to run off and m*********, I was as hard as a rock, my c*** was obviously erect through my shorts, I aid I would have to. She said nonsense, and run her fingers over her p****, I was ready to c**, she walked over and removed my shorts, rubbing my c*** as she did, I stood up and pressed myself against her, sliding her panties aside and feeling her wetness. As she guided me into her she told me how hot she got knowing I was jerking off all the time after looking up her skirt. i had a fantastic holiday, we continued the relationship for a few years, even after I moved away whenever I was home we would take the opportunity for get together.
Anyway this has given me a lifelong desire for older women, from the time I was able to attend pubs and clubs I would allow older women to pick me up for s**

Dec 1, 2020

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  • Congrats to you! One of my aunts, began "milking" me at 14. By 16, I had done everything with her many times. She was my first for everything..such good memories!!

  • My babysitter gave me my first footjob. This was back around 1987. I was 12 years old.

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