Self oral

10 years ago I was 13, and I had a 9 inch c*** which I was embarrassed by. One day a friend saw it in the bathroom and that day convinced me to try to suck it. I was scared but I easily reached it, I got very hard and full erect. The my friend grabbed my head, and forced me to suvk faster, I wanted to stop then I felt like it would explode and I came for the first time and had to swallow or choke. He then j*** off on my face.

That night I was so confused, I loved the feeling on my mouth on my c*** and like my c**. I did it again and again to myself in the next few day swallowing each time.

I'm 23, I blow myself alot each day now. I suck myself when I get up and when I arrive work. And before I leave. At home i spend hours sucking and giving myself a*** pleasure with a 15 inch d****. At 15 I began keeping track of all the auto b*******'s I gave myself. It averages over 2,000 a year.

I don't need people my mouth is perfect, I can even deep throat myself.

Dec 4, 2020

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  • For sure, lucky you. Tried...couldn't quite reach.

  • I discovered self oral at 15. I had fooled around with a girl and she sucked me and i 69 with 2 boys but my own mouth felt so much better.

    By 16, I only want my own mouth and to swallow my own c**. I'm 34 now and have not needed or wanted anyone since I was 16.

    I also discovered the pure pleasure of a*** play.

    On the night of my high school prom, I skipped it, got a motel room and spent the night sucking myself off. I was 18 and came 8 times in 12 hours. I could never do that much at home. Starting that night I began wearing a butt plug 24/7. Now my ass always died ready.

    I love the lock downs, I'm working from home, naked and constantly sucking myself and f****** my ass.

    Every young boy should be taught to do self oral and swallow. Once a young guy tastes c** he only wants it. I think it's disgusting to waste c** in a woman's mouth. I hate that I came in that girl's mouth at 14. She stole my c**!

  • I m a boy I c** in girls knickers I want anather boy to taste my c**

  • I'm a boy I've c** in my knickers tasted my my c** I'd like it in a boys mouth

  • Lucky you

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