What should I do?

I've always been into bondage and I'm in a very committed relationship with my boyfriend. I love him to death and have shared every secret I have with him, except for the fact that I like bondage. I love the idea of being tied up during s*x or tied to the bed with a gag. I'm just so afraid of bringing it up to him. I know he likes to experiment but the only things we have tried are different positions. I'm honestly so afraid of telling him, so I avoid the topic of things we could try in bed. Unfortunately it just makes it seem like I'm not open to any ideas. I don't know what to do. We have been dating for 2 years now and I really love him. Should I tell him?

Dec 7, 2020

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  • I think you should tell him. It is who you are. Nothing to be ashamed of or even self-conscious about. Once you do, and you discover that he wants to explore it with you, you will be soooo glad that you did !

  • You can try to find sexy games , like adult truth or dare games , I have played some like that and there is usually a part of the game that brings up bondage and other kinky stuff, you can then say that you find it sexy and erotic when you guys played and see how he responds to playing again, eventually you can keep introducing bondage to your sexual routine without playing any games, be honest and clear about how exciting it is for you , no need to bring up previous sexual encounters unless you can see that he finds that also exciting, I have also at one time given my husband a Christmas gift ( private one ) it was a small box that contained
    ( handcuffs, collar and leash , and a one page ā€œ s** slave offer ā€œ good at anytime for specific time , )
    You can add some kinky leather lingerie if you like and this way you can get his interest going,
    Good luck and have fun being naughty

  • Yes , tell him. I'm sure he has deen thinking about tiying you up himself and using you like the dirty s*** you are..

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