Dark fantasies

I have dark fantasies about being ** and made love to by men. Sometimes more than one man. I love ** **. I remember when I was just beginning to become aware of my body, I would have these daydreams about being kidnapped and ** by a man. I didn't understand them until years later. There has always been a thrill for me when I don't know if a man cares about me or has only ill intentions. I want someone to be deeply and darkly obsessed with me, the way my first love was. He was only entertaining himself at first but then he couldn't get enough. I've never gotten over the fact that he stopped being obsessed with me, and so I no longer have any control over him. I am so kind and genuine all of the time, but these sociopathic cravings have been bubbling under the surface recently. I want control. I want power. I want to win.

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  • What you have is a desire to cheat and still be innocent. I would guess you are a very normal everyday woman who no one would ever guess was a closet **!

  • Sounds like you need a ** good seeing to girl... Well Im sure there will be hundreds of guys out there willing to ** the living ** out of a ** gal like you. Maybe you just need to get it all out and get **, blindfolded and ** senseless by a total stranger. Hi My names Lee.. pleased to meet you.

  • That would be ** awesome!! but the problem is i am married and i do love my husband more than anything and he satisfies me beyond belief! but these fantasies just won't stop! i have always had them but i can't ever act on them in fear of being judged and losing my husband.

  • Roleplaying with hubby could be just the thing.

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