My brother steals my panties :( why?

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  • Because he wants you

  • Present your used panties wrapped in a nice gift pack to your bro. Everything will be cleared after that!

  • Fock you guy stop posting thisCrap.

  • May be he loves to wear them

  • Kill yourself crossdresser.

  • Why do you care, you're probably insecure and projecting your fears onto others

  • Because he is interested in you sexually

  • Just watch some popeye cartoons

  • This is pure Bullshitt written by a sick guy. If she had no idea about anything she would go ask her parents idiots. Stop feeding into this guys sick mind.

  • Because he likes the taste and smell of your p****

  • Fock off ladyballs.

  • Because he wants to f*** you

  • Because you are a guy making all thisCrap up. Stop it sick fock.

  • Your brother will be sniffing your knickers while pleasuring himself and probably looking for your pubic hairs.
    How old are you both ?

  • Shut the fock up pedo. Go hang yourself

  • Pedo is short for child molester.

  • Learn to spell if you're going to comment on people's posts.
    I think your retarded brain meant ' paedo'.

  • British spelling is paedo, American spelling is pedo, chill tf out you dyslexic reactionary asshat

  • You Dumb Fock Pedo is short for pedophilia or pedophilic, idiot look them you will see that they are spelled right a$$wipe

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