Hate this site

My confessions never get put up.
All I want to express is I'm longing for someone to f*** my wife.
Beautiful women deserve more than one p**** inside them.

Dec 8

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  • Upload your f****** videos and invite hung dudes.

  • Watch some popeye cartoons

  • Watch your OCD meds

  • You need to get DNA tests on any children she's had since you married her, and any that she has hereafter. She is a cheater and a liar, and you cannot trust her if she says the baby is yours. Always get verification when your dearling with that kind of a woman. B itches will f****** lie like d***. Believe that s***. They lie like d***! Never trust. Always verify! Don't trust them b****!

  • No no. She's been faithful. This is purely my fantasy

  • She sound like a wonderful nasty b**** (in the real good way)! no wonder you love her so much so hard so fucken deep up in her! olllotta pounding pounding pounding good love! she lucky to have so many lovers! but I hope you find her even more till they lined up waiting to get on it! i wish my husband would get that for me! i know 5 men right now I would put in my line today so he would think he brought them to me! is it bad i think that way?

  • I am pretty sure he is referring to his OTHER confessions that did NOT get posted, NOT the one post where he is complaining about it! How dumb do you have to be to believe that THIS is his confession!

  • Dickwheat idiot a******

  • How dumb? I would estimate that to be about 0.125% as dumb as your miserable dumb ass, you flipping moron. Bite me.

  • WTF?

  • B**** lied to him like d*** because all b**** lie like d***. Like d***!! Can't trust none b****.

  • She just one of those women who gotta cheat all the time. Hester Prynne on a jet ski. Effin' B!

  • Oh yeah she a b**** for sure

  • Not going to find anyone in here, so no point in posting. There are some contact sites, but with the danger of COVID in today's world you may find you need to be content with videos for a the next year or two.

  • Don't forget to watch popeye cartoons

  • Huh?

  • Proved wrong. Haha

  • I don't get it. What up with all this^^^??

  • Watch some popeye cartoons ok

  • Chimps chatting with one another. Soon, there'll be screeching. Then, lice-picking. This is our world in 2020.

  • Yeah its pretty bad. Sorry, but I just want to watch my gorgeous wife being f*****

  • No, you're cool. You entitle to it and she sure entitle to it and i hope you both get it.

  • Yes. It's a hot idea. Thanks for sharing it.

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