Dirty old man. With a woman half my age

A younger woman and family moved in across the street from our house. I noticed how hot she was from the start. I tried not think of her sexually. As she was the same age as my kids early 30s. We slowly became friends thru drinking in the driveway. And listening to country music we both liked. As I found out she was going thru some really though times. I tried being supportive of her. Giving her friendly advise and fatherly advice too. Well to get more to the point. I hit a hard spot in my life at the same time. I called her one night and told her I need my friend. Told her to meet me at a cigar bar for a drink. I had beer she had crown and coke. We talked a while and I told her it was late and she should go to her house and I was ok to go home too. As I said she only lived across the street. She told me she wanted to walk me to my truck. When we got there she reached up and kissed me passionately. Our tongues swirled and our passion got heated. Our hands were all over each other. She told me she wanted to see the back seat of my crew cab. I tried to get her go. But when she said no. My better sense said ok. I got in first and she crawled up into my lap. She faced me straddling my lap. As we kissed with passion and desire. I rubbed my hands all over her body. Intensity grew and common sense went out a rolled up window. She told me straight up she wanted and needed s**. I reviled to her at my age my body didn’t function like that. As I told her jokingly I suffered from LDS. Lazy D*** Syndrome. ED. She said that didn’t matter. We were sharing much more than s**. As we had already been such friends to each other. And so many other feelings were out in the open. She began to grind herself into my jeans. I could feel her jeans press i into mine. As she ground her hips into mine. I would raise mine to meet hers. I knew this did nothing for me. But I wanted her to low not only did I have some serious feelings for her. I also lusted for her body too. As our mouths barely if at all separated in the first few times she orgasmed. When we stopped long enough for her to catch a breath. I mentioned about how wet my pants were. Her faced turned red and she giggled smiled at me. And then she looked me deep in the eyes. Grinned slightly embarrassed told me was a squirter. I let her know without any hesitation that I thought she was wonderful and sensual. Trying to put her mind at ease and I didn’t think it was a weird thing to me. She asked me if it was ok if she continued. My reply was a soft yes be my guess. As this was knew to me. Why would I want to stop her. As I was enjoying her sensuality. And yes being my first squirter. I was more than intrigued to see this. Well we stayed in the back seat for about an hour. Cuddling talking kissing while in between catching her breath. She would grind me well. As would push my hips up to hers. Making her p**** rub her panties and jeans. And giving her o***** after o*****. When she was sexually satisfied to a point. She was ready to go home. As we got out of the truck we straightened our shirts. I looked down at how wet her and my pants were. She said I’ve been told I’m a squirter. I snickered a little. And told her I thought she had peed on me. But I was thankful that she cared enough about me. Not to let my ED affect her thoughts of me. And that she made me feel like a complete man.

Dec 8, 2020

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  • What type of women take advantage of senior citizens? She does not care about you. she only cares about her own selfish needs. You both deserve each other, as far as I am concerned!

  • What ever floats yer boat. Neither of us are taking advantage of the other. Our life’s seemed to be similar in the way things are going. I don’t feel it’s wrong to find comfort with someone who understands what your going thru.

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