You can't do that

I went home with a guy last night and I am pretty sure that what he did was illegal. I was out with some friends and a really good looking guys sent us some drinks, We smiled and waved and three of them came over to our table, Two of the four of us are married and one had her "Visitor" so I eneded up going back to their place or someones place with the one guy and we were getting hot and heavy, He started getting a little freaky and wanted to tie my hands so I played along, Then my feet and then a blindfold, I was getting into it until long story short...It was not just us anymore.
Countless hours and 4 guys later I did the walk of shame, For real, A real walk of shame after getting basically told to leave with no bra, No panties and no Idea how I was going to get home, I walked to a corner and found a street sign, Called a ride and seen a gas station on the corner, It was cold out so I went there and stood in the store waiting, looking like a total h***** with my see through shirt and short skirt. F****** broad daylight and everyone can see my nips through my shirt and if you know anything about cold nipples well...I stand in the gas station fighting back tears of pain, Embarrasment and shame.
At least a dozen, Maybe more guys and women made it very obvious they could see my nips and I didn't even realize until I got home that I had come in my hair and on my shirt so yeah that was fricking awesome, I was still half drunk, Kinda high, Tired, Sore and so embarrassed. I am pretty sure you can't take a girl home from the bar and tie her up, then proceed to let your friends take turns on her. I am pretty sure that's illegal and you can go to jail for that. Worst part is that I am sure they took some pictures or video and I have some original tats that no one else in the world would have so I don't need to explain what that means.
I have gone back past where I think it was from the gas station once I found it but I can't even remember which house it was...Frick.

Dec 8, 2020

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  • I'm so sorry that this happened to you. If u was there and heard you scream No I would have been your temporary Big Brother.
    I can't tell you what I would have done because each situation is different but you would not have been alone with your problem. I would have done something to remove you from such a bad situation. I have done this 3 times in my life so far. I'm so sorry you were abused, it never should have happened to you.
    It is not your fault but I'm sure your not going to trust a stranger that fast again.
    Stay well healthy and happy, forget this and move in and find the right man for you.
    My wife knows and has seen me go after a man doing something wrong to a woman. I can't help my self because I know what it is like to be picked on!!!!

  • I'm pretty sure that is sexual assault or rape. A violent felony. They will do jail time while on trial and then likely spend a good part of their lives in prison.

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