My cousin.

I was sitting around the other day and my cousin and her parents were visiting, Me and her are the same age and she came into my room after just getting out of the shower, She was wearing a housecoat and said "Hey", I said "Hey" and she said "Can I ask your opinion on something?", I said "Yeah whatever". then she opened her housecoat and said "What do you think?".
Whoa, Ok, We are close...Ish but not that close, I said "Uhhh, I think you should close that before someone comes in here", She scoffed and said "For real, I want an actual male opinion, Don't be a pig just tell me what you think", I said "About what?", She said "This, all of it...What do you actually think", I said "Why do you want to know what I think" and she said "Because, I want to know why the F I can't get any guy to be seriously interested in me, Is my body that bad?".
My cousin is a total "Bruh girl" which is not always a bad thing but she doesn't realize that she is doing it wrong, She does all the stuff like sledding, Quading, Dirtbiking and so on with the guys but she isn't doing the done up sexy girl thing after, Hanging around in sweats after isn't what guys want, Put on some makeup and tight clothes when you get back. She is not a bad looking girl really, Blonde and currently has some pink in her hair, Average height, Top heavy and has some booty, I wouldn't call her thicc just on the thicc'er side of average, Just a little muffin top but otherwise pretty decent, I had never seen her naked before so there are a few things but overall "Not that bad".
I said "Ok, What's the problem" and she said said "I want to know if it's physical or something else", I said "Ok, You want my opinion?", She said "Yes...For real...Just tell me the honest truth", I stood up and walked up to her, I pulled her housecoat off her shoulders and she let it fall to the floor, I walked around her twice checking her body out then said "Where do you want me to start?", She said "F I don't even care" so i started my appraisal.
1) Feet, You actually have small nice feet.
2) Legs, Pretty decent, Just a little cellulite but nice legs.
3) Ass, I actually like it, Round and (Squeeze) firm, Holy s*** that's firm.
She tensed up and said "Really?, Did you really just cop a feel?", I shrugged and continued on.
3) Back, I think you have a nice, smooth back, Nice freckles and so on.
4) Nice hair, I like it.
5) Chest, Ok, When you wear low cut tops you have nice cleavage.
6) These, Hmmm, (I cup her b****) Ok, They are...Big, Like I mean not sure huge but honestly you have big t*** but..., She looks at me and says "Yeah, Exactly, So it is a big deal?" I said "No, Not a real big deal but it's...A deal". She has big t***, She is a sort of pale skinned girl so they are big, You can see the veins but more importantly they are obviously different sizes, Just looking they are two different sizes.
She looks down at me cupping her b**** and says "Ok Mr. hands, You can let them go now", I say "Hold on, Just getting an honest evaluation", She says "Oh really? because your b**** tells a different story" and flicked my erection, I let them go and she said "Seriously come on, I am your cousin", I said "Oh whatever, as if you wouldn't look if I had my d*** out", She said "Looking and getting h**** are two different things, Ok so...The b**** are bad", I shrugged and stepped back and said "OK"
7) Stomach, You have a nice flat stomach.
8) Why?
She looked down and said "Why What?", I reached out and brushed my fingers over her little tuft of pubic hair and said "Why?", She said "I don't know, What?", I said "Ok, Either a landing strip or bald, That's just...Weird", I tilt my head to the side a little and she is standing with her thighs together, I can see her pink outer lips and there is some....Meat piled up in the front, She puts her hand over herself and says "Ok...Can you look at my v***** objectively and give me an honest opinion, No being a pig and just straight up honesty?", I say yes and sit on my bed, She turns to face me and spreads her feet.
I look and she puts her hands on her inner thighs, Brings them together and down pulling her lips down, I didn't tell her but I probably almost blew my load. I am sitting there and her lips have to be an inch long, Maybe even an inch and a half, Dangling, Pink, Soft looking and a little wrinkly, I looked at her face and she was beet red then she said "That bad?", I said "mmmm, No, I wouldn't say that", She said "The last guy I was with wouldn't go down on me because of it", I squinted and looked at her saying "Really?, That would be the reason I would go down on you", She looked at me and said "Huh?", I said "Yeah totally, Are they soft?", She reached down and just sort of stroked them between her fingers and I stared, I had to adjust my seating position because I did notice a small wet spot forming in the front of my sweats.
She said 'Yeah, I guess, Pretty soft", I said "Ok, Well, Are you tight?", She said "Oh frick I don't know, Probably I have only been with three guys", I said "Well, If...If you are then that's a good thing but some girls just naturally aren't" She looked up at the cieling and spread her feet a little more then cleared her throat and I reached out and slid a finger in her. I slide it all the way in and she winces and tenses up, I say "Oh yeah, you are really tight", She makes a scrunched up face and looks down as I pull my finger out and then play with her big dangly inner lips, I look up at her and she Is looking unimpressed but lets me play, I slide a finger back in and she winces and says "Ok, You can stop fingering me now, You know how tight I am" I put my thumb on her c*** which is also pretty big and she grunts and puts her hands on her hips pushing her hips forward and gets wet, I could feel the difference and I grabbed my c*** and came in my pants.
She looks down and sees my load in my sweats, Groans and says "Ewwww, really?" and then pushes my hand away shaking her head at me, I say "A big part of it is smell and taste and I put my finger in my mouth and suck it, She tastes and smells really good actually, She gets her hosuecoat on and says "Ahheemmm...Ok, well, I am going to go finish shaving my v*****" and walks out.
That night I got her alone downstairs and said "Hey, So...Do you want me to do some more evaluating?", She looked at me and squinted then said "What?", I said "You know, More...", She said "What are you talking about?", I laughed and said "Uuuhhh like this morning?", She just sat staring at me and then said "I don't know what you are talking about". I was confused at first but said "Your body??, I could...Evaluate your body some more?", She palyed it off like it never happened and went upstairs where the parents were.
I would totally bang my cousin.

Dec 9, 2020

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