Aunt, Uncle, and Me 2

I posted a few months ago about my aunt, uncle, and I all hooking up and finally got a follow up only this time it’s just uncle.

I went over to their house last week dropping off some decorations they wanted for their house and to see if they needed any help. Auntie was gone to her mom’s house in another state so it was just uncle and I there. I helped him unpack and organize the lights as we shared a few beers when a Santa outfit caught his eye. Started telling stories of him being Santa for the family parties and even being a mall Santa once. Feeling buzzed and in the holiday spirit I begged him to put it on. “For old times”

Moments later he came out in the whole suit, boots and all. (He already had a beard) Told him to complete the look I needed to sit on his lap and tell him my list. And there I was, sitting on Santa’s lap pretending to be a little girl and telling him what I wanted. His hand started moving up my thigh as I talked and I felt my nipples poke through my lace bra and thin tshirt. Soon the toys I wanted turned naughtier and I felt his c*** harden under my ass. He started saying if I wanted toys like that I’d get put on the naughty list and that naughty girls get different kind of presents.

That’s all it took for me to kiss him. Kiss him deep and passionately while his hands moved to my ass to squeeze. Our tongues flicked against each other while his gloved hands removed my shirt. I was now straddling my uncle dressed as Santa and couldn’t have been more turned on. Starting grinding my p**** against his lap, feeling his hard c*** under those soft pants. Moaning for “Santa” to touch me and to take me and replied “you gotta help Santa first” as he pulled out his rock hard c***.

I got to my knees and took him in my mouth. He tasted better than I remembered and my little p**** tingled again as I sucked him deeper. Looking up to him as he started f****** my face moaning and groaning. Before too long, he pulled me to my feet and stripped me bare telling me to ride him like a good little s*** and I did. Feeling his c*** in my wet p**** pleased me in ways my ex’s never could. I couldn’t help myself from moaning out Uncle as I started riding his dock which only made him f*** me deeper.

We didn’t care any more, we were free. He rolled me over and f***** me from behind calling me his babygirl and his “sexy lil niece” as I came over his c*** screaming “yes uncle f*** me!” Soon he finished deep in my p****, filling me with his c**. The best s** of my life. Now I hope he wears the costume again on Christmas Day...

Dec 12, 2020

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  • Funny ...that's exactly what Santa did to me too ...but it was at the mall.

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