So I crossdress

I had to tell my new girl friend about something I love to do but how to tell her with out driving her away.
So I took a hit on my pipe and just told her.
When I was younger I ran out of underwear and the only thing clean was panties and I had to wear them but I liked it, so I just told her that.
She didn't say a word she sat there abs got up and looked around her place. A little later she comes back holding a pair of red panties with 3 rows of red ruffles across the rear.
She says why don't you try the panties on, so I went to the bathroom and I dressed and put them on. And I wore them all night, the next day we went shopping for me to buy me a pick teddy with a pink ribbon around the waist.
If you like to crossdress just tell her if she is the right one you will live such a wonderful life, you will not belive
I saw a bra that I wanted but I didn't say anything to her about it and the store stopped selling it. My wife said well next time do not wait just let her know when you see it. So now I shop the woman's dept constantly and even had a female walk up while we were taking about panties Mico fiber or nylon and she wanted to chip in in our conversation. Women really do like crossdressers, so tell her and life your dreams. I have for over 30 years and still having lots of fun it never stops
Tell her when you feel she is really into you ans see what happens, it I'd better than hiding it from her. And by the way as you get older you will want to wear women's clothes more often so tell her!!!!!!
I'm in my bra and panties with leggings my 4 rings on 2 necklaces and my pink bracelet.

Dec 13, 2020

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