I watched my step daughter in the hot tub

I have a 19 year old step daughter that is back home from college due to this covid epidemic. She is a very attractive young woman and she drives me f****** crazy when she walks around wearing her leggings and yoga pants. I can always see her thong line through them which always makes my c*** rock hard.
Yesterday she was in the hot tub. she walked into the kitchen wearing a tiny white string bikini that showed off a very impressive camel toe. i watched her get into the hot tub. and my c*** was starting to throb. I needed to j*** myself off i went into her bedroom and laying on her bed was the leggings she had on right before she changed into her bikini. i picked up the leggings and her black lace thongs was also there. i hold them to my nose and could smell her funky p****. I wrapped them around my shaft and only had to stroke it a few times before i was shooting a massive amount of pecker snot into her thong. I made a mess in them. and put them back were i found them. about a hour later she comes out of her room and takes her clothes to the laundry room. she gave me a very strange look. i am almost positive she knew i jerked off into her panties

Dec 14, 2020

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  • I watched my sd get off in the pool using a water jet. She was in a bating suit and I saw nothing other than her movements including an obvious o*****. It was hot. I could not handle had she been nude, but I do see it that why when I fantasize.

  • I jerked off in my wife’s friend bikini after a swim at the beach.

  • That’s so hot. My friend caught my hubby eyeing her crotch. One thing lead to another and we have been enjoying each other for 15 years now.

    I love licking her p**** clean after he f**** her hard

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