I take pics at the grocery store

When I go to the grocery store i hang around until i see a hat lady wearing leggings shopping and take pics of her ass and j*** off to them later. yesterday i was at a store and a mother and daughter were in front of me both wearing leggings. The mother had a beautiful ass with a nice thigh gap and a cute little camel toe and a tiny thong underneath. The daughter had on light blue leggings and also a tiny thong. no gap! i took a few pics and when i got home jerked off thinking about them

Mar 30

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  • I think most guys do it. Not with kids or children, that's sick. But with hot, adult women, yes. I did for years, and got away with, I'd say, hundreds of pics. For real, no joke. If I was on the road for work purposes, I'd find malls, outdoor shopping centers, flea markets, etc, and go, basically, photo hunting. See and follow a hot woman, fire off as many pics as possible, then find someone else. Parking lots were great, too. And you'd be surprised at how many women are ok with it, as long as you ask.

    I had a few who posed for me and took requests. One was in a workout suit with a jacket, I asked her to take the jacket off, and she did. She joked with me to "be nice and don't put these on the net", and I didn't. Had her tugging her tank top down to show more of her t***, too. I admit, looking back, I really got away with this a lot. I don't do it anymore (naturally, since camera phones are so good now and it's easy), but have been tempted a few times.

  • You need help!!!

  • So hot seeing young girls in thongs. The beach where I live is full of hot high school girls in like really tiny bikinis. Love taking videos and having a hard w***

  • How old are the girls u look at.

  • That’s what’s up! They be doing that s*** on purpose. You down to trade?

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